Administration Officials Place Jeep “Rubicon” Behind Biden at Every Press Gathering After Forcing Him to Drive it Around White House Property

The demons running the Biden administration are inexplicably forcing Joe Biden to drive a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon around the White House.

The only discernable conclusion from this sudden change in protocol is to signal that the illegitimate ruler will soon cross the Rubicon from oppressive coercion into flagrant tyranny.

The press was thrilled to take and print countless photos of the president with the word “Rubicon” right next to him. They all know what’s going on.

And the Biden administration is planting the vehicle in every camera shot and transporting it to every interaction with the press so that Joe Biden is never seen without the word “Rubicon” right beside him.

Earlier today, Joe Biden displayed his worst dementia moment yet when he showed that he didn’t know who Governor Ron DeSantis was. The car was directly behind the illegitimate president, days after he took it out for the first photo op with the Jeep.


From our previous reporting:

Two days ago, Joe Biden took a shot at Governor Ron DeSantis and other Republican governors by raging “get out of the way” of the federal government in terms of masks, vaccine mandates, passports, and lockdowns in a stunning attempt at violating the hundreds of years old delegation of powers between the states and the federal government as outlined in the Tenth Amendment.

Yesterday, DeSantis fired back at Biden with the line “I am standing in your way.

Today, when Joe Biden was asked by the press for a response to the Florida governor, the illegitimate president turned tyrant’s face when completely blank before blurting back: “Governor… who?”

The supposed president of the United States doesn’t even know who the most popular governor in the country is — even two days after Biden publicly attacked him in a canned speech.

Joe Biden has long utilized an obnoxious social technique in a craven attempt at garnering sympathy in the press when faced with a comment he cannot refute — maniacally cackling at serious questions or just cracking a half smile and pretending that nothing was asked.

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Though Biden has overused the dishonest tactic much throughout his career, it is now an inescapable feature of daily interaction between the president and the press, and this short encounter was no different.

Fully half of Joe Biden’s face appeared to be melting off his face after he mustered all his energy to crack a half smile at the press following his catastrophic dementia moment.

This devastating dementia moment was just about the worst ever displayed by the mental cripple. Joe Biden’s mental faculties have taken a turn for the worst ever since fraudulently entering the Oval Office. Consider below just a few of Biden’s worst public moments of extreme cognitive inability caught on camera.

This is Biden’s America.

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