AMAZON, APPLE, TWITTER, GOOGLE ALL OPENLY COLLUDE TO BOOT PARLER OFF THE INTERNET — Pioneering Free Speech Platform Gab Outlasts Clunky Newcomer Parler Thanks To Its Unique Investment in Technological Innovation

Today, one day after Twitter permanently banned President Trump from using its platform in any capacity — even conducting official presidential press releases — Apple and Amazon collude to shut down Twitter’s nascent free-speech competitor: Parler.

Late this afternoon, Amazon announced it was booting Parler from its webhosting servers.

One hour later, Apple removed the Parler app from its App Store. Google beat them to the punch yesterday, wiping the app from the Google Play store and millions of devices along with it.

This is our new life under complete leftist totalitarian rule: Every single Big Tech monopoly conspiring in secret together to bludgeon all free thinking Americans, chiefly Trump supporters.

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Unlike its main rival, Gab will remain online long into the future thanks to its genius innovation in independent server hosting over the last few years, spurred on by the invaluable foresight of its CEO Andrew Torba. Since the first Great Twitter Purge in 2017 after Charlottesville, Torba combined wisdom with willpower to afford political dissidents a virtually uncensored platform.

The most significant event that could be broadly related to censorship in the history of the website was after fed Paul Nehlen’s meltdown and vicious dox of conservative influencer Ricky Vaughn in 2018, which obviously violated site rules. What separates Gab apart from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, et al. is that its rules are conducive to the US Constitution’s qualification of free speech, and are all enforced equally and without discrimination or favoritism.

They’ve tried to take Gab down for years, but they haven’t been able to yet; And this latest development indicates that they might have just given up.

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