Andrew Torba: Jared Kushner Personally Prevented President Trump from Joining Gab Because it Allows Criticism of Israel (VIDEO)

Andrew Torba, the founder of free speech social media platform Gab, revealed in a recent interview on TruNews that President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner personally prevented the president from joining the website after being banned from all other platforms.

Torba said of talks with those in the Trump orbit: “Jared Kushner specifically had problems with people criticizing Jewish people and Zionism and policies related to Israel.”

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Kushner, who is close to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, is a noted Israel supporter and was heavily involved with negotiations with Middle Eastern countries regarding relations towards Israel during the Trump administration, most notably during the Abraham Accords peace deals.

A transcript of the exchange reads as follows:

TruNews: What kind of people did [Trump’s advisors] want you to ban in order for them to join the platform?

Torba: Jared Kushner specifically had problems with people criticizing Jewish people and Zionism and policies related to Israel. That’s specifically what I was told: that you have to do something about these people. He called them “Jew haters,” I call them “Jew criticizers.” Some of these people believe that anyone who criticizes or has remotely any sort of criticism towards Jewish people or towards Israel or towards international policy is all of a sudden an anti-Semite — which of course is totally absurd on its face.

Watch the interview here.



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