Anti-American Hypocrite Don Lemon Displays Blackface Minstrel Puppet Live on CNN

CNN has a tradition of using their New Year’s Eve broadcast to spit in the face of traditional Americans.

For the 2018 show, CNN correspondent Randi Kaye smoked a marijuana bong from a gas mask live on air. The gas mask is used so that your body has no option but to ingest every last gasp of smoke from the device, killing untold numbers of brain cells while doing so.

This is CNN.

Maybe they were running low on material, because the year before that, they fired so-called comedian Kathy Griffin from their network, who famously always hosted the CNN NYE special with Anderson Cooper, for posing with a blood-soaked severed head depicting her fantasy of President Trump’s bloody slaughter.

Somehow, the FBI wasn’t called.

Now, they’ve completely outdone themselves.

Last night, Don Lemon was caught red-handed with a blackface minstrel puppet in his kitchen on full display for the nation to see live on CNN.

Can you spot it in the background?

It’s going viral.

This spotting is especially embarrassing for Lemon because he has arrogantly advertised himself on the national stage at the final arbiter on all matters blackface in America and even Canada, asserting his moral superiority over the racist white American population.

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Lemon has pompously sermonized on the blackface cases involving Virginia governor Ralph Northam, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, and even two private citizens who applied dark makeup while undercover as police officers in the ’90s.

Now we learn it was all just a cover.

Don Lemon is a sick man.


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. The public deserves to know the wicked crimes being perpetrated on them and who’s behind it.


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