Antifa Tribal Indian Students at Egerton Ryerson University Decapitate Statue of Egerton Ryerson (HORRIFYING VIDEO)

Savagely violent Canadian Indian students at Ryerson University vandalized, toppled, beat, then decapitated a statue of Christian Minister Egerton Ryerson, who of course is the namesake of the university.

Ryerson is credited with the design of the Canadian public school system and is known as “father of public education in Ontario.” Consequently, he also designed the so-called residential school system which many leftists and Indians claim was abusive.

In reality, Ryerson’s thinking toward tribal education, shown in his writings, was unassailable and likely aided many children in what otherwise would have been a vacuum of ignorance.

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That didn’t stop the radical Antifa tribal terrorists from violently and illegally desecrating the admired Canadian figure crucial to the nation’s history.

Ryerson University students received the order from Antifa leadership.

The obese leftists animals affixed ropes to the monument and hauled it down. They toppled the namesake of the university with absolutely zero consequences.

The violent riot was universally characterized in the media as a “protest” and a “demonstration.” The university has announced it is absolutely succumbing to the sick demands of its criminal leftist students and will not replace the statue or even pursue retribution for the horrible and offensive crime.

Hostile elements of the media and government have worked tirelessly to legitimize such aggressive lawlessness against Canadian heritage for months leading up to this sickening event.

They even went so far as to cheer on political violence and criminality in the face of the federal government’s acceptance of official UN legislation as national law.

This is the face of things to come.



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