BIDEN DEFENSE SECRETARY OVERRIDES NATIONAL GUARD CHIEF’S ORDER FOR TROOPS TO LEAVE DC! — 34 Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, National Guard, Marines, Remain Stationed in DC Until May (VIDEO)

Last week, REDPILLED Media reported that there were at least 34 federal law enforcement agencies tasked with securing the exterior of the US Capitol, in addition to the 5,000 National Guard troops that remain guarding the interior of the building’s perimeter.

Back in January, REDPILLED Media exclusively and uniquely reported exhaustively on the secret deployment of US Marines to Washington DC by President Trump just days before Biden’s inauguration. Our tireless and rigorous reporting on the subject proved more prescient than perhaps ever before.

Tonight, Fox News’s Bret Baier has obtained Defense Department documents confirming that Dan Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard, tried to pull his troops out of DC this week but was blocked by Joe Biden’s new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.


From our previous reporting:

In last night’s episode of Special Report With Bret Baier on Fox News, Baier reported that there still remains over 5,000 National Guard troops stationed within the perimeter of the US Capitol, guarding against upcoming domestic terror threats constantly alleged in the media though never actually materializing.

The National Guard is denying law-abiding, taxpaying citizens the right to enter the very building that they are simultaneously shaking them down for $483 million to “protect”.

Perhaps even more notably, however, is that Fox revealed that there are at least 34 federal law enforcement agencies currently tasked with patrolling the perimeter of the US Capitol; National Guard troops have the sole responsibility of securing the interior.

The exhaustive list of federal agencies securing the US Capitol and surrounding areas is:

  1. DC Metropolitan PD
  2. US Marshals
  3. DC Dept. of Corrections
  4. DC Public Library Police
  5. DC Housing Authority Police
  6. Metro Transit Police
  7. Washington National Cathedral Police
  8. DC Protective Service
  9. US Capitol Police
  10. US Secret Service – Uniformed Division
  11. Supreme Court Police
  12. US Park Police
  13. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Police
  14. US Mint Police
  15. Smithsonian Police
  16. US State Dept. Diplomatic Security Service
  17. NCIS
  18. Army Criminal Investigative Command
  19. USAF Office of Special Investigation
  20. US Coast Guard Investigative Service
  21. US Postal Inspectors
  22. FBI Police
  23. Federal Protective Services
  24. Government Printing Office Police
  25. ATF
  26. Federal Bureau of Prisons
  27. DEA
  28. Military Police
  29. Pentagon Force Protection Agency
  30. CIA Security Protective Service
  31. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  32. Amtrak Police Department
  33. DC Public Schools Police
  34. Washington National Cathedral Police

Watch the full segment below.

Such a staggering revelation invites numerous questions — none of which will likely be answered in the unlikely event one is even asked — such as: Why the massive and overwhelming security surge in exact coincidence with the historic date of presidential inauguration?

March 4th was officially Inauguration Day until 1933, stretching from the inauguration of John Adams and lasting until FDR’s second, and took place on the date except when the 4th fell on Sundays, in which case the inauguration was held the following day: Monday March 5th. Relatedly, QAnon followers believe March 4th is the day President Trump will be inaugurated.

Other questions emerge concerning the unprecedented militarization of the US Capitol and subsequent revelation of a massive federal agent presence, like: Are the US Marines still operating covertly in the area?

Back in January, REDPILLED Media exclusively and uniquely reported exhaustively on the secret deployment of US Marines to Washington DC by President Trump just days before Biden’s inauguration. Our tireless and rigorous reporting on the subject proved more prescient than perhaps ever before.

Read the unbelievable story from January, now relevant more than ever:


Now this…

Tonight on his Fox News show, Bret Baier revealed a memo from the Department of Defense confirming that Joe Biden’s newly confirmed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin denied National Guard Chief Dan Hokanson’s recent request to remove NG troops from the district.

Fox News correspondent Gillian Turner explains:

The National Guard Chief wanted to send his troops home but the Secretary of Defense said no. Fox News has exclusively obtained an official government memo that reveals Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin overruled the chief of the National Guard Daniel Hokanson with his decision to keep 2,280 NG troops at the US Capitol through May.

The DoD has pivoted from using domestic terror as an excuse to perpetually remain in DC to outlandishly claiming “COVID-19, Civil Distrubance, wildfire, hurricane, and flood response” requires their staying.

Watch the full segment below.

This is Biden’s America.

Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.



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