Satanic psychopath Bill Gates is expectedly utilizing the pandemic as a smoke screen to secure total power and dominance over the entire planet for himself.

In a bizarre and frankly chilling new video, Bill Gates revealed his master plan: never-ending, weekly mandatory vaccine shots for “20% of the population per week” and a permanent global virus police force with jurisdiction over the entire Earth to combat future pandemics.

He proudly proclaims “we will never go back.”

Watch the full video below:

Of course, we already knew what Bill Gates has been up to for the past few months.

In December, we discovered that Bill Gates infused the COVID-19 vaccine with 66.6mL of distilled phosphate (widely known as “the Devil’s element”) and mixed with the chemical compound “Luciferin” for good measure.

It’s already killed off dozens of innocent healthcare workers who were forcibly jabbed with the deadly vaccine.

Two weeks ago, it was revealed that Gates enlisted the World Economic Forum, Oracle, Apple, Google and the Rockefellers to develop a COVID-19 Passport, without which you will be banned from “travel, work, school, and life.”

Bill Gates cannot get away with this.


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