Late Thursday night, Joe Biden revealed his cabinet pick to head the Department of the Interior: Freshman Democratic Representative Deb Haaland from New Mexico’s first congressional district.

Deb Haaland has absolutely zero experience in anything other than hating everything America has and does stand for. Joe Biden thinks she’s the perfect fit for Secretary of the Interior.

In 2017, American Indian outlet “Indianz” reported that Haaland considers herself a “Pueblo citizen.” Unfortunately she’s actually an American citizen, so we can’t deport the traitorous insurrectionist.

Deb Haaland is an insurgent American-Indian imperialist hellbent on overthrowing the American regime. She’s already pledged allegiance to and claimed citizenship of a foreign nation, regardless of its legitimacy, and she’s intent on taking over America by destroying it from within.

She has fully endorsed and advocates for abolishing ICE.

From The Nation:

On June 5, Deb Haaland became the first candidate to ever win a primary while supporting defunding ICE.

But it gets worse.

“As a Native American woman,” Haaland told me, she is aware that “children in my family for generations were torn from their parents because of government policies, to be forcibly assimilated into white culture. 

Most Democrats run their whole campaign on a vehemently anti-white message. It’s their whole platform. But never before has someone been elected to national office on the platform of eradicating border enforcement. Joe Biden was enthralled.

If the American people knew what repugnant and frankly dangerous policies that would be coming from such a future Interior Secretary would be, there would be national outrage.

So Big Tech and the legacy media made sure to cover all their tracks.

When you Google Deb Haarland’s positions on ICE or immigration, all you get are puff-pieces on Democrat politicians and the Abolish ICE movement in general. All the previous reporting on her views on the subject have been erased. No conservative publications can be found.

And now the MSM is colluding to promulgate putrid propaganda promoting this evil figure.

Not one news report celebrating the nomination by Joe Biden revealed Haaland’s totally radical immigration positions, chiefly abolishing ICE. Not one line in any article concerning the subject contains the word “abolish” or “ICE”. Below are articles from the Washington Post, CNN, Politico, and NPR that all aim to deceive readers into believing Joe Biden solely made such a nomination to reward the Indian base.

(Sidenote: in the event you replicate this search for yourself through these articles, one must conduct a Ctrl+F search for “[space]ICE[space]” in order to successfully scan the document for references to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement; otherwise the search will yield results of words containing the letters “ice” such as “notice.”)

It’s a sad commentary on the news media in this country when only Wikipedia reveals the most shocking aspect of a pertinent news story.


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