BREAKING: McConnell and Pelosi Immediately Collude to Deny Republicans the Constitutional Opportunity to Decertify Election Results Minutes After Josh Hawley Becomes First Senator to Announce He Will Object to Certification

One of the last legislative moves left to discard the illegitimate November 3rd presidential election results is for a majority of senators to vote to not to certify the Electoral College results before VP Mike Pence reads them on the senate floor on January 6th. In order for the vote to be called, one representative must begin a motion to not certify the results, and the motion must be seconded by at least one senator.

Pro-Trump Republican senators like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have been rumored to be currently deliberating whether or not to answer the call. Josh Hawley beat them to it.

Republican senator Josh Hawley from Missouri became the first senator this morning to announce he will object to the certification process of Electoral College votes on January 6th.

Minutes later, McConnell called up Pelosi to discuss how to derail the motion.

This is bad news for Mitch McConnell, because he wants Trump out of office as soon as possible, and also doesn’t want Republican senators like himself to have to come out in open opposition to the president by voting against the will of their constituents in certifying the election results.

So he shut it down.

GOP representative-elect Greene broke the news on Twitter that McConnell began to conspire with House Leader Pelosi mere minutes after the news broke in order to deny Republicans the constitutional right to object to certifying fraudulent election results.

Even Walmart jumped in.

After we get Trump reelected, we must kick out every last Republican senator that didn’t support our rightful president in his darkest hour.


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