BREAKING: Obvious Crisis Actor Wearing Custom Mask Delivers Scripted Lines Fed to Him Over Airpods During Interview on Boulder Shooting — Same Witness Appears on Every News Channel (VIDEO)

There was an active shooting situation this afternoon in Boulder, CO at a King Soopers supermarket. No victim count has yet been released.

Suspiciously, a nearby SWAT team immediately sprang into action and TV interviews were released right away.

One man, Ryan Borowski, appeared on CBS and CNN delivering an apparent account of his experience all while wearing his airpods for the entire duration of both interviews.

CNN even conveniently had a direct line to the witness’ phone as they interviewed him over FaceTime on the scene.

His picture was buffering while they called him on cellular data.

He wore a specially designed mask while conducting the CBS interview so that the mask strings wouldn’t interfere with his airpods.

Is he the same Ryan Borowski who holds a political science degree and interned for US Representatives in recent years?



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5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Obvious Crisis Actor Wearing Custom Mask Delivers Scripted Lines Fed to Him Over Airpods During Interview on Boulder Shooting — Same Witness Appears on Every News Channel (VIDEO)

  1. It was livestreamed, I dont know if it is still up but it was an obvious hoax. People laying on the ground as if dead, and the cops standing, milling about not doing anything, no paramedics. Its a sad joke. I am so sick of this shit. Its so freaking obvious this was a hoax and on 3/22 no less. GTFO, these being that control our governments are the most evil beings to ever exist.

  2. He is the NEW “David Hogg.” With EVERY “mass shooting” they prop up one or two key figures to be the spokesperson(s) for the agenda. This guy was ALSO a “victim” in the FAKE and STAGED Aurora, Colorado theater shooting of 2012!

  3. You do excellent work. Thanks for continuing, despite the obstacles. I had already picked out this guy as suspicious. Thank you for revealing his background.

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