BREAKING: Online Brokerage Robinhood Automatically Sells Off Small Investors’ Shares in Gamestop Stock AT A HUGE LOSS While Only Letting Wall Street Firms Buy Them All Up at a Major Discount (THEY FORCE ONE MAN TO SELL OVER 4,000 SHARES AT A 75% LOSS!)

Redditors on r/wallstreetbets have caught hedge fund managers shorting Gamestop futures in recent days by flooding the market with buy orders and heavily bidding up the price, forcing the Wall Street elites to cover their bets at a huge loss.

The subreddit was immediately shut down, though later resurfaced. Discord banned the subreddit’s chat room, so the members could not communicate. The NYSE halted trading for the stock amid a mad panic.

They fear the common man attaining money and power at the expense of themselves.

Now, popular mobile stock trading brokerage ubiquitous among millennials and instrumental in the stock spike blatantly seized privately owned shares by force and flooded them out onto the market at a huge discount, allowing only major hedge funds to buy them up for a major profit.

Like true communists, they claim it’s “for their own good,” referring to customers they openly illegally ripped off.

Just today, the stock crossed $468 per share, but Robinhood robbed its innocent customers of thousands of shares and sold them at a quarter of the price.

One Robinhood customer had 4,500 shares seized by the brokerage and sold at an average of $119 per share, or for 25% of Gamestop’s maximum price today, losing 75% of his entire portfolio forcibly and without reason.

Users were banned from selling their securities at the price they wanted to.

This is clearly criminal, but nothing will be done about it. The Biden administration’s treasury secretary Janet Yellen received over $800,000 in speaking fees from Citadel, which owns Robinhood.

Press Secretary Psaki says Yellen arrogantly defended the indefensible, to applause from the media.

This is Biden’s America.




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  1. Robinhood – must be one of those “ironic” names. Funny right stockholders? You got reverse Robinhood-ed

  2. And of course fucking idiots make it political, calling it “Biden’s America” when there people ARE ENDEMIC TO OUR SOCIETY. If fucking retards think this is a left or right issue, you are bigger idiots than anyone imagines. The elites have kept this left-vs-right polarization going exactly so we stay distracted. Now we have a chance to unite again this common enemy – DON’T ruin it trying to make it about Biden or Trump

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