BREAKING: Ted Cruz Flees Home State of Texas for Cancun Vacation Leaving Constituents to Freeze to Death Without Power, Heating, or Water (CONFIRMED)

The biggest story of the past week has been freezing temperatures and massive unrelenting snowstorms that have unforgivably continued to batter Texans, leaving millions of residents completely without power or running water.

Everyone has seen images of the taxpayer-funded frozen wind turbines across Texas, which are responsible for 23% of all energy output in the state, and the universal media reaction subsequent such a revelation assuring the public that wiping out 10% of the energy grid overnight has totally not caused the power outages.

At least the corrupt public servants ruling Texas have managed to keep the lights, heating and water running in those glistening skyscrapers towering over the major cities like Houston while the citizens who they’re robbing to accomplish such a feat freeze to death miles away.

Now that they’ve looted the working people of Texas and killed off the helpless poor, they’re fleeing the failed state for a Caribbean vacation.

In the middle of the night, Texas senator Ted Cruz was caught red-handed escaping the failed state on a midnight flight to Cancun.

Blue-collar Ted doesn’t suffer through cold weather — his constituents do.

Some are claiming the man pictured is in fact not Ted Cruz, but a convenient doppelganger wheeled out by the Left, despite the man resembling the spitting image of Senator Cruz from the slightly-graying beard and plump facial structure down to the exact hairstyle and slight receding hairline.

Regardless, we now have confirmation:

Flyin’ Ted is being raked over the coals while his constituents die of hypothermia.


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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Ted Cruz Flees Home State of Texas for Cancun Vacation Leaving Constituents to Freeze to Death Without Power, Heating, or Water (CONFIRMED)

  1. Would you rather he and his family stay and freeze while the STATE Politicians handle THEIR job?? Did Biden declare an Emergency and send FEMA yet?? What was Ted supposed to do?? Climb up on a windmill and blow on it to defrost it??? much for being red pilled. You sound like a hateful lying Progressive.

  2. Ted Cruz has NO SAY in the way Texas is run and the big cities are being run by….you guessed it, LIBERAL LEFTIST VOTED INTO OFFICE BY THE KALIFORNIA mobs from that state who are relocating.

  3. Joe Biden called a lid at 8:30 yesterday morning. Is he up to working today?? Does he know where he is yet?? It is elder abuse by his wife that she forced him to run when he doesn’t even know where the hell he is. Be more worried about THAT, then about what a Senator who can’t do anything about what is happening state wide is doing on his down time.

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