BREAKING UPDATE — TERROR STRIKES PITTSBURGH: Police Identify Truck Responsible for Multiple Explosions Rocking Downtown Pittsburgh (SHOTS FIRED!)

As previously discussed:

Another major American city is being car-bombed.

Police are currently responding to a quickly-developing event involving multiple explosives launched from cars in downtown Pittsburgh.

There are also reports of shots fired in the area, with a crowd of people fleeing in terror.

The police are advising residents to stay away from 35th St. and 40th St. at this hour, and are cordoning off the area to prevent more potentially fatal explosions.

We have no word yet on how many people have been injured.


UPDATE 1/4/21 1:10 AM EST:

Police have positively identified a white Chevrolet Silverado as the truck from which the explosives were detonated/launched into the downtown core of the city.

The Pittsburgh Police depart has released three images from security footage near the scene of the crime capturing the vehicle in question.

We do not have information on the driver yet.

Online speculators have suggested that the attack resembles Muslim acid drive-by attacks that have occurred across Europe during recent years, in light of the massive Muslim immigration due to the so-called refugee crisis.



Police confirm the attack was a nail bomb, as seen in Islamic terror attacks across Western Europe.


Check back throughout the night for breaking updates on this developing and increasingly suspicious story.

The police already seem to be covering up vital information concerning the situation and are not inclined to report to the public many details concerning the violent event. We have not yet forgotten what happened last week in Nashville:


REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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