Canadian Government Forcibly Locks Up Its Own Law-Abiding Citizens in Chinese-Owned Hotels Against Their Will (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, conservative outlet Rebel News investigated the Canadian government’s top secret quarantine hotels which it uses to forcibly imprison its law-abiding citizens who are suspected of having contracted the coronavirus.

To execute this blatantly unconstitutional and hostile act against its own citizens, the federal government is using a foreign hotel chain, Radisson, which 100% controlled by the CCP, to lock up Canadians against their will.

From Hospitality Ontario:

In August 2018, Jin Jiang agreed to purchase 100% of Radisson Holdings and 51.5% of the outstanding shares of Radisson Hospitality AB. Completion of the acquisition was subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. These conditions were met in November. As a result, Aplite Holdings AB (Purchaser) completed the acquisition of 87,552,187 shares of Radisson AB of Radisson Hospitality Inc. representing 50.21% of the shares of Radisson AB.

On the second page of the merger document from 2018, Jin Jiang is named as a “Chinese State-owned company.”

But this should come as no surprise from Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

One year before becoming prime minister, Trudeau said that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship” because it allows the state total control over the economy as it relates to the life of its citizens.

Joe Biden is not the only world leader under President Xi’s thumb.


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