COLUMN: American Jews Celebrate IDF Tricking US Media into Delivering Factually-Incorrect War Propaganda About Israel-Palestine Conflict to the American People

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American neoconservatives are celebrating today after the Israel Defense Force knowingly fed American media outlets false information whose subsequent reporting served as a psychological trick on Hamas, fatally trapping hundreds of ground troops underground. It is now revealed that the reporters who transcribed the Israeli propaganda in The Washington Post are Jewish operatives who have ties to Israel and the State Department.

Yesterday (May 13th, 2021) at 5:22 PM EST, the official Israel Defense Force Twitter account tweeted: “IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.” Just one hour later, at 6:44 PM EST, The Washington Post dutifully published the unsubstantiated Israeli war propaganda sending out a tweet of its own reading: “Israeli troops have entered the Gaza Strip as conflict with Palestinians escalates, Israeli military says.”

The fatally-duplicitous tweet was never taken down. Instead, three hours later and after the Israeli government had successfully deceived American media and the world to gain war advantage, the Post made a minor correction claiming that the “Israeli military issues “clarification” to earlier statement and now says its ground troops are not in Gaza.”

The Washington Post story comes courtesy of two American Jews Steve Hendrix and Shira Rubin. Hendrix, working from the Post’s DC offices, is ‘Jerusalem bureau chief’ for the paper, while Rubin reports from Tel Aviv and contributes Middle Eastern news to the outlet. According to her bio on the paper’s website: “[b]efore joining The Post, Rubin worked as a freelance foreign correspondent from Israel [among other regional countries, and] was a U.S. State Department critical language scholar in Cairo.” The state-run Voice of America also joined in on the Israeli propaganda mission releasing what remains an uncorrected fake news story titled: “Israeli Ground Troops Attack Gaza.” The VOA is funded by hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars every single year.

Thus, two American Jews with ties to Israel and the Department of State uncritically accepted and published a fictitious IDF report designed for the sole purpose of deceiving Israeli’s enemies during wartime which was then promoted internationally by US state media.

Proving that the Israeli misinformation mission was an effort uniquely aimed at American media, British Sky News reporter Mark Stone reported from on the ground the absence of what was claimed in the US press, saying: “Not getting any confirmation at the moment from [the IDF] of an actual ground invasion as is being reported by some.” Further, an Israeli journalist by the name of David Shor later confirmed on Twitter that the government “brief[ed]” reporters in Israel before the release of the false information, saying:

“The IDF broadcasted that escalation (via Twitter and by briefing reporters) The Israeli reporters understood exactly what was occurring and what the escalation entailed. They knew a ground invasion was far from occurring. The foreign media correspondents mistook it, badly.”

Immediately after the Israeli-concocted unverified story ran as front page news across the top US news outlets, the IDF blew up the tunnels that it successfully schemed to drive the Hamas forces into. The operation was a success. Shor attempted to justify the covert misinformation operation by the Israeli government by falsely claiming that the Israeli attacks occured before American news media reported the situation.

Neoconservative National Review and New York Post writer David Harsanyi assumed the role of damage control this morning after it became obvious to the public that the IDF used The Washington Post as its own propaganda arm. He justified the deceitful act of aggression by Israel to the trusting American population as “an effective way to avoid more civilian deaths.” Evidently, Harsanyi is perfectly fine with some civilian deaths caused by the Israeli bombing campaign. That’s enough; let’s avoid any more, for now.

The full statement reads:

“Looks like Israel might have leaked false info about Gaza ground invasion to lazy US media outlets to trick Hamas fighters into their tunnels. Then they bombed tunnels & killed 100s of terrorists. If so, an effective way to avoid more civilian deaths (which Hamas wants)”

Tellingly, following his sending of the tweet endorsing IDF bombing of Palestinian civilians, Harsanyi changed the last personal descriptor in his Twitter bio from “Skeptic.” to “Zionist.” Now if you’re skeptical of his Zionism, you’re anti-Semitic.

Never mind the fact that through a 12-word tweet and without a single piece of substantiating evidence Israel managed to propagandize the entire world for three hours into believing the antithesis of reality, various other American Zionists and Jewish neocons in the United States suspiciously simultaneously celebrated the deception with the exact same language.

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire trumpeted the “brilliant” “tactical deception” by the Israeli government of Hamas forces in Gaza, courtesy of American media: curiously uncharacteristic of an American news outlet. The article was written by Jewish neocon Hank Berrien who previously wrote for The Jewish Press and recently tried to cancel young political commentator Kassy Dillon for once associating with Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes. Fox News host and noted Zionist Sean Hannity concurred with Daily Wire’s sentiment, also praising the IDF’s subversion as “brilliant” on his personal news website.

Why are American newsmen praising the admitted Israeli subterfuge of our news media? Are they not in the business of bringing accurate news to the American people? Are there any consequences when the chief military arm of our foremost intelligence partner in the region intentionally deceives the world through the American press with carefully-crafted war propaganda fabricated within the Israeli government? What is the US government’s response to such a betrayal?

This has been happening for a long time.

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1 thought on “COLUMN: American Jews Celebrate IDF Tricking US Media into Delivering Factually-Incorrect War Propaganda About Israel-Palestine Conflict to the American People

  1. The deceit was a success ?
    Who says so ?
    The very same lying Israeli media and their complicit sayanim in the US ?
    Hamas was defeated ?
    Really ?
    I think the Palestinians know better than anyone else except perhaps for Hezbollah, that the jewish media lies and lies and lies.
    They don’t get their military intel from Twitter.

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