Canadian Government Is Currently Covering Up Deadly Jewish Terrorist Attack Slaughtering Four Muslims, Wounding More

On Monday Jewish terrorist Nathaniel Veltman plowed his car into a family of five Muslim pedestrians in London, Ontario, savagely murdering four, including an elderly grandmother, and seriously injuring the youngest. CNN reported that the grandmother was pronounced dead at the scene while the parents and daughter died at the hospital, unable to be revived. The youngest victim, a nine-year-old boy, survives in “critical condition” in the hospital by the side of his four dead family members.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau called the massacre “a terrorist attack” but stopped short of condemning so-called ‘white supremacist extremism’ or ‘right-wing terrorism,’ which has become customary in anti-Muslim attacks. In a 2017 attack on Muslims in Canada which similarly left a half-dozen dead, according to The Canadian Encyclopedia: “The event prompted widespread public debate around Islamophobia, racism and the rise of right-wing terrorism in Canada.” But curiously no mention of the latter two labels for this event from any media report at all.

Relatedly, conservative commentator Ann Coulter has coined the brilliantly accurate mode of investigation termed “Coulter’s Law” which is defined as “The longer we go without being told the race of the shooters, the less likely it is to be white men.” The method appears to be proven right once again in this instance, though we can’t know until the police provide the public with the truth on this matter (which is increasingly doubtful).

Further compounding such suspicions, the ‘London Jewish Community’ bizarrely issued an official statement on the matter, which otherwise seemed not to implicate Jews at all.

From iHeartRadio:

The Jewish community in London also issued a statement Monday, united in grief over a senseless incident.

“The London Jewish Community is horrified by this murderous act of Islamophobia. Our hearts are heavy and we mourn along with the Muslim community of London Ontario at this unspeakable loss of life. No person should have to live in fear because of their faith or beliefs. Our prayers are with the family and all of Canada’s Muslim communities.”

This development, coupled with the facts that Veltman is a well-known Eastern-European Jewish surname and that no image or personal information about Veltman has been released, lends credibility to the rising suspicion that the attack related to Israel-Palestine tensions flaring up in reaction to recent events in Gaza and the West Bank over the past month.

When Palestinians harass Jews in other Commonwealth countries in relation to activities in the Levant they get jailed for hate speech and have footage of the event plastered all over the news, with the attack immediately and universally characterized as an anti-Semitic hate crime. But what about when Jews brutally murder an entire Muslim family? There is no “Jewish terrorism” label. There is no mention of the true underlying motive at all.

There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

Why has no image of the killer been yet released? Why has the race or religion of the killer not been cited? Why is this not considered another incident of “right-wing terror” or “white supremacist extremism”? Why did the Jewish community officially release an apparently totally unnecessary groveling statement?

The public must demand answers to these questions from both police and government to force those currently conspiring to conceal the truth to release it.



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