COLUMN: If George Floyd Was A Law Abiding Citizen, Would He Be Dead?

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January 1st is the time for New Year’s Resolutions, and after such a year as 2020, we’re afforded plenty subject matter to discuss for improvement. To examine perhaps the most destructive and harmful phenomenon of the past 12 months other than COVID-19 — the monthslong urban riots — we must first the survey the spark that lit the flame of the 2020 return of Black Lives Matter: the death of George Floyd.

Last year, violent career criminal drug addict counterfeiter George Floyd was roundly hailed as a national hero by politicians and the press. Yes, state and local US officials across the country have called for a public statue of “hero” George Floyd, cheered on by a hostile media chorus.

The worthiness of such a title can be ascertained through inspecting Sir Floyd’s most notable accolades — after lifelong felon and persistent porn actor, of course.

Crimes Floyd committed at the scene of his death include federal fraud through the use of counterfeit money, evidence tampering, resisting arrest, disobeying lawful orders, and possessing drug paraphernalia. (Public intoxication is no longer a crime in Minnesota.)

The day of his death, Floyd was necessarily criminally possessive of at least fentanyl, methamphetamine, and marijuana — all of which he was under the influence of while driving to the location at which he plotted to and did commit felony fraud.

A single day’s work, such a loathsome litany is sure to evoke aversion in even the most ignoble individual, though a day in the life of George Floyd multiplied by a lifetime produces the following rap sheet: continuous cocaine and methamphetamine usage and distribution in between prison sentences arising from a seemingly unending streak of violent felonies brutally targeting the weak and innocent in his community, including a pregnant woman home alone.

But that’s just regular, old George Floyd. Let’s examine his conduct the day of his death.

During his interaction with police on May 25th, released months later by a foreign newspaper, Floyd relates an endless stream of transparently obvious lies during both direct questioning and unsolicited offerings, including: claiming to not be on drugs despite having at least 3 illegal narcotics active in his system; claiming his mother just died despite her death occurring two years prior; claiming to have done no wrong despite being credibly arrested for committing federal fraud; claiming to be claustrophobic of sitting in a car despite just emerging from his own; claiming to be unable to breathe while standing outside without any neck restraint; among potentially other unknowable falsehoods.

The leaked body cam footage released by The Daily Mail shows Floyd resisting arrest and reveals Floyd’s efforts to hide evidence of counterfeit money between car seats upon police calling “hands up”, among a slew of other crimes like refusing to follow police orders, answering direct questions pertaining to the crime scene with lies (“Are you high?” “No.”), and possession of drug paraphernalia (the officers found a weed pipe on his person.)

The most pertinent question surrounding the fatal situation is: was it avoidable? If so, who made, and through what actions did they make, the situation unavoidable? Ponder the answer to each of the following relevant questions:

If George Floyd did not commit federal felony fraud by using counterfeit money, would he be dead? If George Floyd did not repeatedly resist arrest at every instance of police instruction, would he be dead? If George Floyd did not refuse the lawful command to sit in the police car, would he be dead? If George Floyd did not ingest at least three illegal drugs — including triple the lethal dose of fentanyl, coupled with methamphetamine and marijuana, in addition to a slew of other stimulants such as tobacco and caffeine — causing him to lose any ability of rational judgement and behave completely erratically in police detention, would he be dead?

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Summarily, if George Floyd did not operate a deadly motor vehicle under the influence of multiple lethal doses of illegal narcotics to commit federal felony fraud, then, after tampering with and attempting to conceal additional evidence, aggressively and repeatedly resisted peaceful arrest and disobeyed all police commands, before causing a series of piercing noise disturbances during nighttime in a residential area while publicly intoxicated and foaming at the mouth, police would not have been exclusively left with the most severe and restrictive form of physical deterrence: placing Floyd on his back and weighing down his 6’6” 223lb frame. 

Simply, if George Floyd was a law abiding citizen, would he be dead? 

They asked him to get in the back of the police car. He refused with patently fraudulent claims of claustrophobia. (For the record, having claustrophobia does not excuse a criminal from disobeying lawful commands.) They tried to place him inside the car. He struggled so vigorously that three fully equipped, well-built, male police officers could not restrain him. They had to call a fourth. 

At what point does one assume responsibility for his own actions? How many times can a criminal get away with a crime before it’s not racist to restrain him? When did a single group’s charge of racism become the standard with which to employ or fire police, to restrain or release suspects, and to let stand or burn down the country? 

If George Floyd is celebrated for the act of dying intoxicated on the road following his final in a long list of crimes against society, then most certainly the police officers involved in punctiliously executing every possible action under protocol to prevent a fatal outcome for a drugged out, aggressively unpredictable and uncontrollable criminally violent repeat felon should be celebrated too.

But they weren’t. We all know how 2020 turned out.

Entering the new year, REDPILLED Media urgently proposes as a New Year’s Resolution we resurrect a righteous American principle formerly accepted by all but now only observed by some: in order to operate a functioning society, criminals must be subdued to protect the law-abiding.

Though we don’t like to admit it, we know the inescapable truth of promised anarchist violence directed at those of us who support President Trump and all that he stands for.

If we are to enter a time in which widespread violence is guaranteed to be inflicted by a criminal underclass on its law-abiding political opponents at an ever-increasing rate, we require enforcement of this critical standard in order to remain together as a nation.


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