COLUMN: Joe Biden’s Secret Plan to Drastically Boost Refugee Admissions Gains Congressional Support

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The Biden administration’s current overriding foreign policy goal remains removing US troops from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11, though elements within the White House and Congress are below revealed to be using the occasion as an opportunity to covertly boost refugee admissions into the United States.

Last Thursday, during a speech chiefly concerning the military drawdown in Afghanistan, Joe Biden committed to evacuating up to 16,000 Afghan translators and interpreters and their immediate family members that have aided American efforts over the past two decades before the withdrawal deadline in September.

The reason why his administration prefers to launder their propaganda through the press rather than promulgate it from the podium was put on full display when President Biden’s publicly-articulated argument for the imminent rushed mass importation of Afghans to America was in reality the most solid grounds for its opposition. Rationalization for the ludicrous plan was expounded by the commander-in-chief himself when he apparently unwittingly conceded of the Afghans, in the very same sentence advertising their impending admission, that “we’re not going to need them and they have no jobs.”

Leave it to Joe Biden to make the clearest and most concise argument against the very policy he’s in the middle of announcing.

Two weeks earlier, Rand Paul, in contrast to the president, knowingly mustered an argument against the nascent proposal. Paul, assuming a familiar position of dissenting from establishment consensus, quarreled on the senate floor with fellow Republican senator John Kennedy on the merits of Kennedy’s just-introduced senate bill prodding the State Department and Defense Department to fast-track visas for 16,000 Afghans through a process already backlogged with more than 18,000 other Afghans. The debate reveals broad bipartisan agreement on the issue in Washington while sensible voices objecting to the majority and representing opinions of fully half of the electorate are absolutely powerless to exert their elected influence on behalf of the American people in any way on the effectively already-decided case.

Days later, the US House voted 366-46 to pass legislation introduced by a Colorado Democrat veteran — the contents of which are virtually identical to Senator Kennedy’s senate bill. The Biden administration’s expressed eagerness on the subject provides fodder to the assumption that the bill will likely soon be passed by the Senate and promptly signed into law by the president before the September troop withdrawal.

By granting the prospective immigrants “Special Immigrant Visas,” the Biden administration is dishonestly avoiding designating the massive army of supposedly economically-threatened Afghans correctly as “refugees” while affording them the very same quality and quantity of vast welfare benefits drained by refugees. According to the State Department, “Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants are eligible for the same resettlement assistance, entitlement programs, and other benefits as refugees admitted under the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, for up to eight (8) months after being admitted to the United States.” The only stated difference between the two denominations is the amount of time officially allocated to the new arrivals concerning collecting government aid — a corrupt and often-abused element of the federal bureaucracy that if not illegally exploited by the immigrant may just as well be extended or expanded by the government, rendering the previously-noted divergence in designation a distinction without a difference.

And this is by no means a minor change: under the Trump administration, refugee resettlement statistics bottomed out at 11,814 people for fiscal year 2020, according to data from the Migration Policy Institute. Of those resettled, only 604 were Afghan nationals. The Biden administration, with cooperation from an unholy alliance of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, is conspiring to more than 25 times increase the amount of Afghans accepted into the United States under the guise of imminent danger.

At the same time, Joe Biden claimed in his Thursday speech that the Afghan military is “better trained, better equipped, and more competent in terms of conducting war” than the Taliban. The implication is that the country is thus capable of defending against and quelling Taliban terrorism without American military intervention. An obvious question that comes to mind in reaction to this recent revelation is: “Then what has been the point in sending innumerable American sons to die in that worthless desert for the last 20 years?” A second highly important question, and one more relevant to this issue, is: “Then what is the threat posed to interpreters should they be allowed to continue living in their home country?”

The Washington Post reported in April that the official number of US troops stationed in Afghanistan oscillates about the figure 2,500. Joe Biden has promised to fly in more than six times that in Afghan translators at taxpayer expense. The logistical capability required to remove just 2,500 diligent, organized military personnel from the Middle East has proved so astronomically difficult that the withdrawal date was previously pushed back in April when Biden announced the September 11th deadline, replacing the previous May 1st deadline. Is this latest surprise demand for 16,000 civilians and their families to be evacuated from the region just two months before departing once and for all a ploy by the Deep State to push the current withdrawal date back even farther, further entrenching American forces in the world’s bloodiest sandbox?

While pertinent logistical questions related to the last minute surprise evacuation of civilians en masse go entirely unanswered, medical screening of the 16,000 Afghans has been halted and struck from their immigration requirements amid an enormous and unprecedented spike in coronavirus cases in Afghanistan. Curiously, the New York Times, which is intensely focused on covering the coronavirus situation in America in great detail, did not once in their article mention the record-setting thousands of coronavirus cases recorded every single day in Afghanistan for the last couple of months; this recent occurrence is totally uncharacteristic of the country’s historical handling of the coronavirus, averaging approximately 50 covid cases per day between June 2020 and May 2021. The publication did however make note that “The legislation would scrap a requirement that Afghans applying for Special Immigrant Visas undergo a medical examination in the country, allowing them to do so after entering the United States.”

It is not difficult to anticipate a return of extreme lockdowns in areas where the Afghans are finally resettled — if they ever end up taking the test after arriving onshore. Undoubtedly, the imported bioweapon creating new coronavirus outbreaks across the country would be blamed on maskless Trump supporters, perpetuating the Biden administration’s open policy of all-out discrimination against those who oppose the regime.

This would only be one of many instances in which the new administration uses the coronavirus as a cudgel against American citizens to the benefit of foreign nationals. Illegals at the Mexican border have infamously been allowed to pour into the United States by the hundreds of thousands — possibly millionswithout receiving so much as a coronavirus test before being released into the interior of the country never to be seen again; this illegal and manufactured phenomenon occurs with the full endorsement of the federal government while many Americans begin to face the dilemma of either being forcibly vaccinated by the state or getting fired from their job and having their family starve. Florida has already passed a law allowing for the mass forced vaccination of residents along with mandatory solitary confinement quarantine of those who refuse to obey.

The wild and incalculably destructive legislation, which was hastily concocted by a bipartisan consortium of Washington swamp creatures who gave zero consideration to the crucial question of public support, which requires doling out 16,000 visas to a massive looming mass of untested and unemployed Afghans who are, according to Joe Biden, wholly unneeded, is set to be the unspoken triumph of the Biden military evacuation of Afghanistan. The final outcome of such a proposal is not yet clear, though the predictable hellish cascading effect necessarily following the springing of such a rash and reckless endeavor onto the tail-end of a uniquely onerous and delicate foreign military operation in the middle of a battlefield during the last two months of a six-months-long process of ending a 20-year-long war is enough to make any well-meaning political actor publicly stand squarely against its approaching implementation in the strongest terms.

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