COLUMN: Matt Walsh Dares to Question Unlimited, Unconditional Foreign Aid to Israel, Gets Immediately Dogpiled by Rabid Daily Wire Zionists Invoking Hitler (SHUT IT DOWN!)

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Neoconservative publication Daily Wire has recently begun producing and releasing a long-form political discussion series called ‘Daily Wire Backstage’ on YouTube. The May 26th episode is aptly titled: The Mask Is Off.

The 90-minute-long behemoth was primarily focused on current Israeli-Palestine tensions, with a side of speculation on the Pentagon’s UFO revelations. Featuring Daily Wire founders Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing alongside writers/podcasters Andrew Klavan, Matt Walsh, and Michael Knowles, a three minute exchange between Shapiro, Boreing and Walsh on the topic of US foreign aid to Israel exposed a developing divide between figures at the media company.

Walsh innocently offered the obviously-true point that many in the America First movement (in contrast to the establishment sphere Daily Wire inhabits) take issue with the fact that Zionist elements of the Republican Party demand total and unconditional support for Israel from conservatives and condemn anything less as wholly unpatriotic. Somewhat ham-handedly, the writer correctly noted:

This idea that it is your patriotic duty to have this particular feeling about another country — no matter what the other country is; I don’t care what country it is — that goes too far on that side of it.

Noticeably startled, Boreing and Shapiro immediately begin to exhibit subconsciously-motivated negative physical reactions to the comment through body language, with the former rubbing his thumbs together and ostensibly concurring with an interjection and the latter rubbing his nose, later playing it off with light, pensive chin tugging.

Seconds later, before being able to even finish articulating his thought, the Catholic was immediately dogpiled by Evangelical Boreing and Jewish Shapiro, both vying for the first spot in line to defend Israel’s unqualified right to an unlimited stream of American taxpayer dollars. With Boreing failing to take down Walsh on the “greatest ally” line characteristic of Israel-First Republican shill neocons, Shapiro jumps in and goes straight for the jugular by invoking Hitler. Using his usual verbal trickery, Shapiro pulls out all the classics: ‘Israel is a democratic ally, Israel is under attack, and remember Hitler?’ Stopping just short of calling his own staff member a Nazi, Shapiro unloads on Walsh, saying:

We’re not talking about nationalism now, which is just attachment to country, we’re talking about patriotism, which goes to underlying principle. That you have no duty at all to support a fellow democracy that is an ally in its own battle for survival — that seems to me to raise some patriotism principles the same way it would raise patriotism principles to say that if Hitler were about to overrun Britain — people who were saying, “Well, you know what, it doesn’t implicate the United States at all or patriotism at all to watch Hitler overrun Britain… It seems like it kind of implicates patriotism to watch Hitler overrun Britain.

The unabashed, utter unwillingness to allow one of their employees to express opinions that do not directly benefit the state of Israel on the part of the two operators of the publication was shocking to witness.

Unfazed, Walsh continues along the same vein, brilliantly exposing his bosses live on air, by elucidating the real-world consequences of sending hardworking middle-class families’ paychecks directly to the rich pariah state of Israel. Boreing incredulously responds by bashing the mindset of spending taxpayer money domestically as “socialism!” He then shuts it down by immediately cutting to a commercial break. The whole ordeal is surreal.

Watch the deeply revealing two-part exchange below:

Notably, so-called “god-king of Daily Wire” Jeremy Boreing serves as producer for the shows of every member at the roundtable discussion except for Matt Walsh, with his Twitter bio noting: “Exec. Producer of the Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan and Michael Knowles shows.” Consequently, Walsh is literally edited out of Boreing’s Twitter banner of Daily Wire contributors — Soviet-style — with a large black rectangle where his face should be (see archive).

Clearly an enemy of Boreing’s, Walsh’s public observations surely do not earn him further favor with Ben Shapiro, who appears to be his foremost and perhaps only current backer at the outlet.

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