COLUMN: Wheelchair-Bound Congressman Madison Cawthorn Breaks 6-Day Streak of Tweeting Out That He Will “Stand”

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Freshman North Carolina US representative Madison Cawthorn’s word choice has come under scrutiny as of late.

At the second annual America First Political Action Conference hosted by political commentator Nick Fuentes last month, Fuentes noted wheelchair-bound congressman Cawthorn’s ironic and constant usage of the word “stand” in reference to himself.

Excerpt from broadcaster Nick Fuentes’ AFPAC II Speech February 26, 2021 in Orlando, Florida referencing North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn’s repeated public use of the word “stand.”

Immediately following the conference, Cawthorn went on Michael Malice’s podcast and blasted Fuentes for the remark, without mentioning him by name, indicating his awareness of the comment.

Cawthorn has used the turn of phrase since getting elected to simultaneously win sympathy and shield himself from criticism, uploading a YouTube video in September of last year titled: “I Stand.” Complete with large on-screen captions to drive the point fully home, the video opens with Cawthorn delivering the following lines, all while rolling around a football field:

“Are you tired of politicians who stand for nothing? You vote for these people to stand up for you. But when was the last time you saw a politician take a stand on anything? Our entrenched political class doesn’t stand.”

At the end of the video, Cawthorn stages a dramatic ascention from his wheelchair to a walker while saying “I stand.”

Screen images from Cawthorn’s YouTube video “I Stand.”

In a technical sense, this is not even true. Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘stand’ in the following way: “Have or maintain an upright position, supported by one’s feet.” Cawthorn requires the support of a walker, which he holds onto with his hands, as he inches toward a standing position.

But I digress.

Ever since the February remark by Fuentes, Cawthorn has markedly increased his usage of the word “stand” in reference to himself, most noticeably on social media. In the last six days alone, every single day the congressman has sent out a tweet containing the word.

Consider his recent over-the-top and non-stop use of his favorite word:

March 17: “We simply cannot stand by and let our future be taken from us.”

March 18: “It’s time the Swamp learned that real Americans won’t back down, or stand quietly by while our rights are stripped from us.”

March 19: “Republicans must stand with @RepMMM and stand for election integrity.”

March 19: STAND STRONG!”

Perceptive readers will notice that the last two tweets were sent out on the same day: March 19th. Madison isn’t stupid. Having had many long nights at the office coming up with “stand” tweets this week, he decided to double up on Friday the 19th to give himself Saturday the 20th off. Then on Sunday the 21st, he was back to the grindstone.

March 21: “We need a President who can stand.”

March 22: “Proud to stand with the President!”

Sadly, Cawthorn’s tweets this March the 23rd have been barren of any “stand” references. Does he think because he retweeted yesterday’s stand tweet we’ll let him get away with it?

Keep dreaming.

He of all people should understand that what his constituents require most from his tenure in Washington are his daily tweets containing the word. Today, Madison Cawthorn let the people of North Carolina down.

Cawthorn’s physical circumstance has afforded him a unique opportunity to make a self-deprecating, self-aware joke that highlights his humanity and provides a platform to promote his policies. He has instead chosen to squander the moment by repeatedly cramming the stale pun into virtually all of his public statements while attacking those who take notice.

North Carolina deserves better.


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