CONFIRMED: President Trump is the First President in FIVE DECADES to Not Start a New War During His First Term in Office! — Media Caught RED-HANDED Lying and Covering Up This Huge Accomplishment Two Days Before Presidential Election (In-Depth Analysis)

President Trump has been the greatest jobs president God ever created, generating a record-setting 5 MILLION new jobs in one month alone, at the height of the most economically devastating pandemic the world has ever seen. President Trump turned a surprise biological attack from China into something positive for the American worker by halting all immigration into the United States this year resulting in a 50% total reduction in legal immigration into the country since taking office.

But President Trump isn’t done winning victories for the American people just yet.

Approaching the November 3rd election, the public began to realize that President Trump achieved the impossible in Washington: Year after year, fake gas attack after unsourced fake news report, all carefully designed to drag the United States into a new pointless and inescapable entanglement in the Middle East, the president has resisted the often-overwhelming executive impulse to wage war abroad.

President Trump’s administration is the first since Jimmy Carter’s to not send American troops to fight and die in a new war. Every single president since Carter until President Trump took office has waged war during their first term in office.

President Trump has not only rejected starting a land war with Iran or Syria and avoided nuclear war from countries like North Korea or Russia, but he has brought home tens of thousands of US troops from the battlefield, stationed courtesy of globalist warmonger Barack Hussein Obama.

This is quite easily the single greatest political achievement of any president in the last 50 years. So USA Today, Newsweek, and others in the media colluded to kill the story before Americans went to the polls.

Two days before the election, USA Today released a horrible hit-piece on President Trump riddled with factual errors designed to trick the public into believing that President Trump’s spotless foreign policy record is no real feat. The article begins by directly linking to a private citizen’s personal Facebook account, doxing him to the entire nation as a result, for simply expressing his favorable opinion of the president’s tenure. The left loves to humiliate and shame their political opponents, preferably putting them out of work forever, too.

The article goes on to say:

This leaves Presidents John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama off the list of presidents who waged new wars that were authorized in some way by Congress.


Of course, the liberal media tried to cover for every single Democratic president in the last 60 years and claim that none of them started any new wars.

We all know Obama ordered the disastrous invasion of Libya where the American taxpayer got stuck with paying a $2,000,000,000.00 DAILY bill ultimately resulting in the creation of the most deadly and far-reaching terrorist organization in world history: ISIS. Even Forbes admitted that Congress was complicit in funding and directing the military operation — in direct contradiction to USA Today’s blatant propaganda.

JFK was responsible for the bloody failed secret invasion of Cuba known as Bay of Pigs, conveniently not classified as a war because the covert mission failed miserably upon landing.

Bill Clinton wasted his good fortune becoming president during the unipolar moment with America as the world’s sole superpower by foolishly escalating tensions in Somalia and creating the Black Hawk Down incident, in which dozens of American troops died in a failed raid. He later weaponized NATO to completely destroy Kosovo, sending its people back a century.

Jimmy Carter was the last president to not set the world on a collision course for a new world war, only because he rejected intervention in the brutal Lebanese Civil War to keep his foreign policy record clean. The year after he left office America got in late and as a result lost 265 servicemen and had hundreds others wounded. Thanks, Jimmy.

In summary:

Reagan: Lebanon
H. W. Bush: Iraq
Clinton: Somalia, Bosnia
W. Bush: Afghanistan, Iraq
Obama: Libya, Syria
Trump: —

We haven’t had a president with President Trump’s uncanny ability to avoid imminent attacks, wind down current operations, and resist new beginnings militarily in at least 50 years. America finally has a president that protects its people.


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