COVID-19 VACCINE SHOTS CONTAIN CHEMICAL COMPOUND ‘LUCEFERIN’ WITH 66.6mL OF DISTILLED PHOSPHATE! Multiple Frontline Workers Already Suffering Severe Allergic Reactions to Vaccine in Every Country It Gets Administered…

What the HELL is going on?!

In the last week alone, two people in the first three countries to administer the Bill Gates COVID-19 vaccine to the public immediately fell ill and suffered severe anaphylactic allergic reactions to the vaccine.

First, two people suffered debilitating reactions in Australia.

Then, it struck the UK, with the vaccine mercilessly attacking two health workers with allergies.

And now, Americans are suffering brutal reactions, not from the coronavirus, but from the vaccine. On the first day it was handed out. Even CNN was forced to admit it.

But it gets worse.

It’s now being reported that the Bill Gates vaccine contains the chemical compound ‘LUCEFERIN with 66.6mL of distilled phosphate buffer solution.’ first broke this earth-shattering story, citing the official patent for the vaccine and its chemical formula.

Twitter has yet to dispute the claim.

Phosphate is well known to be “the Devil’s element”, which was even admitted by the far-left globalist propaganda outlet The Guardian. They couldn’t resist throwing in Luciferin to make sure the deed was done.

This is an evil and satanic potion they have conjured up and now they expect us to totally submit and allow it to take over our cells and manipulate our bodies. We’re not falling for it.



Four more people fall ill to the Bill Gates vaccine in Illinois…

Read our report here.


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