‘Drake and Josh’ Star Drake Bell CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE CHILD SEX CRIMES With a 12-Year-Old! (Explicit Chats, Child Endangerment!)

News quietly leaked yesterday that Drake Bell, co-star of the wildly successful mid-2000s Nickelodeon show ‘Drake and Josh’, is charged in a Cleveland court with “attempted endangering children, a 4th degree felony; and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles, a 1st degree misdemeanor.”

It is being reported at this hour that Bell even went so far as to chat sexually to the child.

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From Fox 8:

FOX 8 News has learned that Bell allegedly engaged in an inappropriate chat with the alleged victim that, at times, was sexual in nature. The alleged incident happened on December 1, 2017.

The prosecutor’s office says the victim, 15, filed a report with her local police department in Canada in October 2018 regarding an incident involving Bell that occurred the previous year in Cleveland.

Officials say Canadian authorities contacted Cleveland police who conducted an investigation into the allegations.

The investigation reportedly revealed that the victim had established a relationship with Bell several years prior. She then attended his Cleveland concert in December 2017.

At that concert “Bell violated his duty of care and, in doing so, created a risk of harm to the victim,” the prosecutor’s office reports. The investigation also revealed that months leading up to the concert, Bell allegedly sent the victim inappropriate social media messages. 

Bell, who also goes by Drake Campana, tweeted in October of 2017 that he was scheduled to play Cleveland’s The Odeon Concert Club on Dec. 1, 2017. As of Friday afternoon, it appears that tweet has been deleted.

It’s unclear yet at what age Bell preyed upon the young child. Reporting from Fox 8 in Cleveland reveals that the victim was 15 at the time of the report (in 2018) and 14 at the time of the incident (in 2017).

The article details that Bell “established a relationship [with the girl] several years prior [to the] Cleveland concert in December 2017,” when she was 14, meaning that the sick predator pounced on the young child when she was 12 or younger.

This stomach-churning development is compounded with the fact that Nickeldeon was recently forced to can its star producer Dan Schneider, who spawned a dozen incredibly lucrative television shows over the course of a decade, due to his incredibly creepy predatory behavior toward children.

There is much more to this story than they are currently letting on.



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