EMERGENCY! Radical Homosexual Predator Sam Smith Unveils Sick Tattoo of Naked Trans Boy Months After Announcing Imminent Adoption Plans!

A REDPILLED Media Investigation

Late last week, “non-binary” singer Sam Smith unveiled his new sickening tattoo portraying an overly-sexualized prepubescent boy posing in front of a woman’s mirror completely naked, except for a pair of extremely tight underwear on and wearing a pair of trashy high-heeled shoes.

The sick freak even went so far as to tattoo the child’s anus and penis bulge on himself.

The rabid, leftist zealot is known for aggressively pushing putrid propaganda onto both his young, impressionable fans and the public at large, most notably through his ardent support of feminism, the LGBT agenda, and surgical castration.

Though what is perhaps more insidious is his shady upbringing which has been completely and coordinately hidden from the public for years. Speaking to Maclean’s magazine in 2015, Smith revealed that his father was a stay-at-home dad while his mother was the breadwinner, working in finance at an undisclosed location.

From Macleans:

“I am a feminist because I grew up in a really untraditional way. My mom worked in the city [of London] and my dad stayed at home. That alone made me see things in a different way. I saw my mother struggle. She was one of the only females in her line of work. [Smith’s mother, Kate Cassidy, is a former broker.] It was hard and difficult for her.”

Is Smith so averse to speaking on his childhood because he was sexually abused by his father growing up while the two were alone at home everyday? The strong correlation between suffering abuse as a child and becoming homosexual as an adult has been proven innumerable times, as well as the former leading the victim to offend similarly later in life.

Regardless, we must not allow this twisted man to corrupt innocent children and warp their body and soul with his degenerate lifestyle, though evidence is mounting that he is currently scheming to do just that.

In 2019, the singer announced plans to adopt children by the age of 30; Currently 28 years old with a birthday in May, Smith will turn 30 in a mere 13 months. Just this past November, the singer doubled down on the commitment, though claimed he now wanted to get kids at 35, not 30. The creepy man even said he wanted to be the mom in the family. Further, Smith has proven he has no qualms about physically modifying children as he himself admitted to having liposuction surgery at the age of 12, and was reported in the BBC to have considered a sex change.

How is this unbelievably creepy man who pretends to be a woman and was suspiciously raised by a stay-at-home father allowed to adopt children in the first place? We must get this incriminating information out in the open before it is too late.

We must protect innocent children from Sam Smith at all costs.


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