EMERGENCY UPDATE: Immigrants Spar Inside Canada’s Concentration Camp Hotels Where The Government Imprisons Law-Abiding Citizens Against Their Will And Starves Them To Death (VIDEO)

One month ago, REDPILLED Media reported that the hotels which the Canadian government forces its citizens returning from international flights to quarantine in are 100% owned and operated directly by the Chinese Communist Party out of Beijing.

In an unbelievable development, the same quarantine hotels are exposed to be charging absolutely unreasonable, exorbitant rates for simple meals, savagely defrauding the law-abiding citizens forced by law to remain inside for weeks, causing the less fortunate to starve.


From our original reporting:

Over the weekend, conservative outlet Rebel News investigated the Canadian government’s top secret quarantine hotels which it uses to forcibly imprison its law-abiding citizens who are suspected of having contracted the coronavirus.

To execute this blatantly unconstitutional and hostile act against its own citizens, the federal government is using a foreign hotel chain, Radisson, which 100% controlled by the CCP, to lock up Canadians against their will.

From Hospitality Ontario:

In August 2018, Jin Jiang agreed to purchase 100% of Radisson Holdings and 51.5% of the outstanding shares of Radisson Hospitality AB. Completion of the acquisition was subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. These conditions were met in November. As a result, Aplite Holdings AB (Purchaser) completed the acquisition of 87,552,187 shares of Radisson AB of Radisson Hospitality Inc. representing 50.21% of the shares of Radisson AB.

On the second page of the merger document from 2018, Jin Jiang is named as a “Chinese State-owned company.”

But this should come as no surprise from Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

One year before becoming prime minister, Trudeau said that he admired China’s “basic dictatorship” because it allows the state total control over the economy as it relates to the life of its citizens.

Joe Biden is not the only world leader under President Xi’s thumb.


Now this…

Prisoners locked inside the Canadian government’s concentration camp hotels, contracted to the government of China, are rising up against the potentially deadly policies of the government intended to punish Canadian citizens belligerent enough to temporarily leave the communist hellhole.

Amateur video released from inside one Toronto hotel exposes one infuriated immigrant group imprisoned in the Chinese hotel in hostile altercation with another immigrant group apparently running the operation.

The political prisoners are sounding the alarm about the government starving them of food and water.

Seconds before the video is cut off, a security guard angrily commands the cameraman to cease filming the encounter, lest the public becomes aware of the highly illegal situation. The government tried to make sure this video was never released to the public.

Local Toronto news station CityNews reports of the situation:

Arunthia Urmi, who had to travel outside Canada to be with her ill father, stayed at another hotel and says she faced similar issues. When she finally got her meal, it was a small piece of salmon.

“There was no water. There was no fork or knife, no utensils. No salt or pepper. Nothing,” she said.

The only way detainees are allowed to eat food is if they pony up $50 for a bucket of beans and rice; The Canadian government is openly starving the poor and extorting the middle class for its own enrichment.

The food is clearly dumped in with complete disregard for the dignity of the recipient, evidently meant to serve as a warning from the all-powerful government flexing its limitless power on the oppressed public.

Some online have found a way around this highly illegal violation of Canadian citizens’ civil liberties, claiming that producing the front page of a Canadian passport to officials following an international flight — which details the right to freedom of movement, bestowed by the Queen of Canada to every citizen — has allowed them to quarantine at home instead of in a dystopian and cripplingly-expensive glorified government prison.

A selection from the Canadian Passport reads:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada requests in the name of Her Majesty the Queen, all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without delay or hindrance, and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.

At the bare minimum, the text of the official document exposes the current procedure of detaining law-abiding citizens against the will in facilities operated by the Chinese government which are intended to starve the weak and poor and extort the others for thousands of dollars each to be a blatantly illegal and unconstitutional act of war against the people of Canada.


Please share this news report with the general public as it is our only chance to expose the government for its illegal actions taken against its own people and to save the starving masses of innocent citizens holding on for dear life. We don’t have much time left.



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