EVERY DETAIL OF THE RV IS DIFFERENT! The Top, The Sides, The Overhang, The Grill… Every Aspect of the RV in Nashville Bomber’s Driveway are Visibly Different than the RV Captured on Security Footage at the Scene (EVIDENCE)

For the last few days, people have been wondering if the RV at the scene of the Nashville explosion was actually the one owned by bomber Anthony Warner and previously photographed at his residence.

Claims alleging that the RV is different due to one blue line on the side of the RV disappearing in the surveillance footage seem to be unfounded: It appears the sun creates an optical illusion on the material used to seal the roof with the sides of the RV and therefore it does not show up at nighttime.

But it got people thinking.

Through our independent research and analysis of a multitude of photographs from many different angles, REDPILLED Media can now confirm that the RV pictured in surveillance footage at the scene of the explosion is not the same RV owned by alleged Nashville bomber, Anthony Warnock.

Despite the two Ford RVs sharing a similar model and were also manufactured in the same time period, the vehicles are undeniably proven to be different given the following evidence:

1) The side exhaust is a black, uncovered pipe on Warner’s RV and a white, covered pipe on the exploded one.

2) The overhang on Warner’s has only two lines and a “Chateau” logo, while the overhang on the exploded one has a large circular black object above the logo.

3) The grill on Warner’s is oval shaped, while the grill on the exploded one is rectangular.

4) The roof cylinder on Warner’s is placed near the front of the vehicle and sits right on the roof, while the roof cylinder on the exploded vehicle is placed farther back in the middle of the roof and sits on a black slab.

Following the facts and scrutinizing every detail of available evidence, it’s now indisputable that the two RVs are different. REDPILLED Media is dedicated to reporting the whole truth, and offering both sides of the story, complimented with photographical, referential, and annotated evidence accompanying every claim that’s made.

So what happened to Warner’s RV? And what happened to Warner? And who was driving the RV that exploded?

There is still much to be uncovered with this story, and they are trying to cover their tracks while refusing to answer any questions concerning these inconsistencies.

We must continue to ask the all-important question: What is Mayor Cooper hiding?!

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REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.


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