EXCLUSIVE: 8chan Founder Jim Watkins Viciously Attacks REDPILLED Media Reporter, Attemps to Dox and Publicly Defame Him in Drunken Rant! (LEAKED DMS)

Don’t get on Twitter after a night of heavy drinking.

Yesterday, a REDPILLED Media reporter was corresponding with right-wing figure and operator of 8chan, now 8kun, Jim Watkins about the news of the day, when suddenly Watkins unleashed an unexpected avalanche of aggressive aggressions towards him.

Watkins owns and operates The Goldwater publication, through the Twitter account for which which our reporter and he were communicating. Watkins proceeded to advertise one of his other websites, 8kun, a revival of the recently shutdown website 8chan, which was an alternative to 4chan.

He then became visibly agitated once he learned that our reporter had before used his website without his knowledge. He blurted out multiple expletives.

Three times the hostile Watkins demanded to know personal details and information on our reporter, saying: “What is your background. no bullshit,” then: “Your background,” and finally: “Just for the fuck of it. a Third TIme. YOUR BACKGROUND.”

Watkins incredulously demanded such directly to our reporter’s face in all capital letters, cursing him out in between.

Watkins even openly confirmed that he was trying to dox our reporter by responding to the question: “you want me to tell you my personal information?” with: “Not any more. Thanks. Goodbye.”

This is the same man who savagely defrauded hundreds of patriotic and well-meaning Qanon followers for thousands of hard earned dollars, many of whom are elderly and destitute from living tight on cash from their pensions, and then coldheartedly laundered their money back into his own pockets by buying ads from himself on his own website.

He was able to trick the Trump supporters into giving him money by setting up a super PAC purporting to field House and Senate candidates supportive to the Qanon following, yet in reality he simply funneled all the money into his own failing business to prop up his unprofitable project.

People in right-wing circles have been long privy to Jim Watkins’s shady tricks. 8chan was a well-known honeypot, as openly discussed about on 4chan when it was still operating.

Watkins appeared heavily intoxicated throughout the entire encounter and then through the rest of the day. Nothing he tweeted or said made any sense whatsoever, assuming it does usually. Today, he released a video trashing our great American forefathers as “prostitutes.”

Someone needs to put the DEA on this guy.


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