EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL: Nick Fuentes Reveals Steve Bannon’s Secret Plan to Cancel Him ONCE AND FOR ALL! (VIDEO)

Conservative political commentator and strategist Nick Fuentes of America First was permanently suspended yesterday from Twitter one day after the Israeli smear organization the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith published a lengthy hit piece calling for his immediate censorship. The group was particularly up in arms about Fuentes’s close relationship with Arizona congressman Paul Gosar, who attended Fuentes’s annual America First Political Action Conference earlier this year. The disingenuous propaganda hitjob from the Zionist-run disinformation outlet comes just one week after the Jewish Journal published an article detailing Fuentes’s criticism of Israel and opposition to total Jewish domination of American media.

Before the Twitter ban, Fuentes had previously been banned from every single communication platform on the Internet, from mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Discord, Tiktok, Twitch and Clubhouse to financial institutions like PayPal, Stripe, Coinbase, Streamlabs, Shopify, Patreon, Venmo and EpicPay to backend technical services like AmazonAWS, Mailchimp, Email Octopus, Stackpath, among many others.

The political dissident has also been banned from TSA precheck and Delta Airlines before being placed on the national No-Fly List. Joe Biden’s Department of Justice even officially designated Fuentes a “white supremacist” in a court document following the Jan. 6th capitol riot to facilitate further means of executing lawfare against him.

The brazen muzzling of a prominent and nationally-renowned political dissident by virtually every single online company in existence and the simultaneous cancellation of his upcoming event with Rep. Gosar prompted Fuentes to schedule an impromptu conference in Dallas, Texas, in a hotel right beside the summer CPAC event currently underway.

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During his speech to a crowd of hundreds of followers in the local Sheraton, Fuentes exclusively revealed bombshell information related to Breitbart’s news coverage of Rep. Gosar’s scheduled event with him. Fuentes recounts the following:

“I was supposed to host a fundraiser with Representative Paul Gosar in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. That was a big part of why we drove out here. And once the Republican Party caught wind that fundraiser was going to happen, they called the meeting — the leadership called the meeting with Representative Gosar, death threats came in, Capitol Police said: ‘we can’t guarantee anyone’s safety.’ So we had to postpone the conference. And then, Paul Gosar was called upon by Breitbart to give a comment on what had happened. And Representative Gosar had said something to the effect of: ‘well I’m not a white supremacist; I’m not an anti-Semite. The media’s going to say that…’ But even for Breitbart that wasn’t good enough! Breitbart News, which was like the American Pravda for Trump back in 2016. They were pushing Representative Gosar to disavow me in particular. They wanted him and they were begging him to disavow me and saying: ‘please disavow Nick Fuentes. Say you’ll never do an event with him ever again!’ Breitbart News. The relevance is this: we heard a rumor — unconfirmed — but we heard a rumor that the order for that article came down from Steve Bannon himself. Steve Bannon himself commissioned Breitbart to go to Representative Gosar to disavow me and say that they would never do an event with me ever again.

Watch Fuentes’s full remarks on the subject:

Fuentes goes on to elucidate the hypocrisy of the CPAC event bearing the title “America Uncancelled” while the conference bans and actively hunts down Fuentes from the venue yearly while only inviting speakers who have never been cancelled from anything ever (except President Trump, whom they infamously disinvited as the leading Republican presidential candidate in 2016).

Fuentes can now only be found on Telegram, Gab, and on his proprietary streaming service AmericaFirst.Live.

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TRENDING: Savage Criminal Who Opened Fire on Innocent Times Square Pedestrians in Bloody Massacre WAS PREVIOUSLY RELEASED FIVE TIMES IN A ROW — Occurs Just Weeks After NYC Mass Shooting Muslim Terror Attack Coverup

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