EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL REPORT: Democrats Used Wisconsin Supreme Court Race in April as a Beta Test for Rigging the 2020 Presidential Election — Courts Allowed Back-dating Ballots ONE FULL WEEK After Election Was Held

Middle-aged, divorced, and angry Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky unsurprisingly revealed herself as a rabid leftist on a zoom call in which she and other far-left Democrats from Wisconsin berated President Trump for advocating for election security and oversight in the corrupt cities of Milwaukee and Madison. Of course she played the race card.


You have targetted… a quarter of a million people who live in Dane County and Milwaukee County: two of our 72 counties. Two counties that are targetted because of their diverse populations, because they’re urban, I presume because they vote Democratic. This lawsuit… smacks of racism.

Jill Karofsky, December 12th 2020

She later had a Freudian slip in which she stated what she truly believes: “What is America? It is NOT self governance.” More on this later.

She further asserted that for President Trump to “perpetuate that anyone in Wisconsin engaged in fraud” is a “shameful” “fallacy.”

Everyone knows the Democrats rigged the election with hundreds of thousands of fake ballots from Milwaukee in the middle of the night. We have evidence of Joe Biden receiving a massive 250,000+ vote ballot dump at 4AM in Wisconsin after the few poll watchers allowed to watch in the first place were sent home.

The blatant largescale fraud is further substantiated by the fact that no election has surpassed 73% voter turnout in Wisconsin in the last half century, yet the presidential candidate with the smallest rally size in American history inspired a record-shattering 90% turnout statewide?

It’s been established that the Democrats so clearly rigged the election in Wisconsin because they knew they could simply throw out any legitimate court filings that the Trump Campaign would put forward and the media would not report on it.

But how could they be so certain without reliable Democrats as Supreme Court justices in the Swing States?

In April of this year, a Governor Walker-appointed justice by the name of Daniel Kelly on the WI Supreme Court was up for reelection. Kelly is a lifelong conservative family man married with five kids, a devout Christian, and an ardent Trump supporter. He got a warm endorsement from President Trump.

Wisconsin is Trump country. President Trump won the state of Wisconsin in 2016 in a sea of red despite the inescapable rigging of Madison and Milwaukee by the Democrats.

Enter Jill Karofsky, divorced ultraliberal feminist from the election fraud capital of Wisconsin: the city of Madison. Needless to say, she got the Joe Biden endorsement.

The Democrat governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, lobbied the Supreme Court to extend the election date two full months until June, which was denied. As reported by the BBC:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court vote – and the Democratic Party primary election – went ahead last week, after the same court blocked the governor’s effort to postpone it to June. […] Wisconsin was the first state in a month to hold a primary with in-person voting since stay-at-home orders swept the US due to the pandemic. The Badger state imposed its own lockdown on 25 March.

BBC News, April 14, 2020

They were running out of time. If you can’t rig the outcome before the election, you have to do it after the election. Sound familiar?

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, one week after election day, that:

The pandemic triggered a record surge of absentee balloting as voters looked for a way to stay at home to prevent themselves and others from getting ill. Many voters have complained they never received their absentee ballots, forcing them to choose between giving up the ability to vote and braving the polls on election day.

The election was held last week, but results weren’t released until Monday because courts allowed clerks to count absentee ballots that arrived as late as Monday, provided they were postmarked by election day if they arrived after then.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 13, 2020

1.) Record surge of absentee ballots
2.) Many voters never received their absentee ballots
3.) Results withheld for six days while clerks found and counted additional ballots

It couldn’t be more obvious.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency, which campaigned vigorously for their candidate, reported that in the expectedly tight race, Karofsky won in an unbelievable 10 point landslide, 55-45, over the incumbent and beloved justice Kelly. The New York Times openly bragged about Democrats’ vote-by-mail “efforts” as being instrumental in the impossible election win.

We now know that the Democrats used this state Supreme Court election as a trial run for their nationwide ballot fraud in November’s presidential election: flood the system with fraudulent ballots in urban Democrat-controlled areas; don’t send ballots to rural Republican-controlled areas; count ballots for a full week after the election until enough ballots are found to provide a Democrat victory.

Their process worked, and they got one more guaranteed Democrat vote on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which is slowly emerging as the chief arbiter concerning the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.


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