EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL UPDATE: Most-Liked Comment on Interview With Suicided 2016 Tarmac Reporter Christopher Sign Warned of Clinton Foul Play, Confirms he is “Not Suicidal” — YOUTUBE DESTROYED THE EVIDENCE RIGHT AFTER THE CLINTONS ASSASSINATED HIM! VIDEO SCRUBBED!

REDPILLED Media was one of the first news organizations to report early this morning that Christopher Sign, Alabama news presenter and journalist who broke the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac story in 2016, was found dead by police early yesterday morning at 8 AM. Authorities investigating his death are already calling it “an apparent suicide” as virtually all Clinton-related deaths are ruled.

Coworkers at his local news station immediately began speaking out about the Deep State-influenced “suicide” by the Clintons, exposing the sheer lunacy of a rising newsman inexplicably committing suicide at the height of his career.

Then, a chilling link was established between Bill Clinton and Christopher Sign, though the police have indicated they have no inclination to investigate the matter whatsoever.

Now, YouTube has scrubbed from the Internet a video in which the top comment exposed the Clinton’s crimes once and for all and predicted that he would be suicided in the near future! It had hundreds of likes and now has been completely disappeared!

First, consider a recap of previous events from yesterday’s article to provide context for these new developments.


From our previous reporting:

Veteran Birmingham news anchor and investigative reporter Christopher Sign was found dead by authorities Saturday morning, June 12th, at 8 o’clock. Police are reportedly investigating the shocking and inexplicable death as a suicide.

Sign was the reporter who broke the bombshell national news story in 2016 right before the presidential election exposing Bill Clinton secretly meeting with then-AG Loretta Lynch for 37 minutes straight on the tarmac of an airplane right before it took off. The meeting was widely understood to reveal collusion between the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, suspicions which incidentally were later compounded when it was confirmed that Obama ordered wiretapping of the Trump campaign leading up to President Trump’s election.

The media is currently shamelessly covering for the Clintons immediately upon public release of this information, almost universally describing Sign as simply a local Alabama reporter with no connections to the Clintons or national news whatsoever.

British newspaper The Sun printed an interesting detail gone unreported by many US outlets noting that Sign was offered a lucrative job at a major national news network after his brilliant reporting made national headlines but reportedly declined the lifechanging offer to remain at the local ABC station in Birmingham, ostensibly to remain home with his family.

From The Sun:

He returned to ABC 33/40 in 2017 after turning down an opportunity to work at a major news network so he could spend more time with his family, the outlet said.

“What most people don’t know is Chris turned down an opportunity to work for one of the national networks to come to ABC 33/40, and he made that decision because of his family.

Was Sign threatened by the Clintons back in 2017 after his story initially dropped? Did they prevent him from advancing his career at the national level after contributing to Hillary’s embarrassing 2016 upset defeat?

The Clintons have a very lengthy history of suiciding virtually all of their political opponents, often years after the related harmful revelations are publicized so as to maintain plausible deniability concerning the commonly-obvious affair. A comprehensive list of their covert political assassinations can be found here. The infographic is so extensive it is not conducive for meaningful viewing on this webpage, as shown below.

The confirmed conspiracy is so out in the open that even CBS News was forced to report on the dozens of total unexplained Clinton-connected deaths just days after the 2016 Democratic National Convention. The Clintons apparently suicided at least four notable Washington figures that year in order to neutralize any upcoming negative news stories leading up to the election.

Sign dared to criticize the most powerful and corrupt political family in US history and, like many, many others, ultimately paid with his life. No doubt the so-called investigation currently ongoing related to his death will lead nowhere and his memory will be dishonored and forgotten as was Seth Rich‘s.

It’s all being done out in the open now. Right in front of our eyes. Biden’s in charge now. Nothing will happen to them. Total leftist takeover of America is fully underway.



Coworkers of Sign’s are speaking out today after the clear political assassination of one of the most consequential reporters of the 2016 campaign is being ruthlessly covered up by the media. Immediately after news broke of the event, countless friends, acquaintances, coworkers and others took to social media to expose the criminal Clinton execution and cover-up network.

Fellow ABC 33/40 employee Jamie Hale said of the situation: “I can’t believe we have an article with this title. It doesn’t feel real. We were in the office together last night cutting it up like we always do. I don’t understand why…” A 30-year-friend of Sign’s said that he cant fathom his friend suiciding and that “this doesn’t seem right.”

Twitter users in the replies fully concur with these sentiments.

The outcry from coworkers comes on the heels of recently unearthed revelations from the time of Sign’s book being published given on a Fox News interview in which he reveals harrowing events subsequent his 2016 reporting. Sign relays accounts of his family being flooded with countless credible death threats with the Clintons even going so far as to exact credit card fraud on his financial accounts in an insane effort to quash the national news story and any further reporting from the journalist.

A partial transcript of the interview reads:

Lisa Boothe: You’ve paid the price for this, career-wise. What kind of threats, or, what have you received?

Christopher Sign: Well my family received significant death threats shortly after breaking this story. Credit cards hacked. My children, we have code words; we have secret code words that they know what to do. And that’s why I came back to WBMA ABC 33/40 in Birmingham because when I was enduring the death threats it was my former Alabama football family and my teammates, my coaches, that circled around me.

Watch a clip of the exchange below.

Lisa Boothe’s words from the interview echo menacingly throughout this entire news story, saying: “You’ve paid the price for this.”



A quick browsing of Christopher Sign’s Twitter feed yields the unbelievable revelation that just days before his death, the last tweet sent out by Sign was referencing a local Amber alert in Alabama about the abduction of a young girl. (Archive)

This significant development has gone absolutely unreported by the mainstream media. This bombshell revelation is highly pertinent to the investigation of his “apparent suicide” since Bill Clinton is a widely-known sexual deviant and child predator.

Bill Clinton took plane rides on Jeffrey Epstein’s’ ‘Lolita Express’ at least 26 times according to flight logs obtained by Fox News. Images of the official flight documents and pictures of Clinton himself receiving massages on the private jet have been released in recent years.

Was Sign working on a new story that would devastate the shady, secret relationship of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein?

They already suicided Epstein back in 2019, about which only recently criminal wrongdoing is beginning to see the light of day. The public deserves to know exactly what Sign was working on at the time of his death. This story is surely far from over.


Now this…

Our previous reporting of a conspiracy by all media outlets and services to completely cover up the Clintons’ political assassination of a respected journalist who was instrumental in Hillary’s 2016 defeat has been fully confirmed by the following brand new revelation exclusively uncovered by REDPILLED Media.

In a previous story (transcribed above) we noted that in 2019 Sign gave an interview to Fox News in which he went into great detail explaining the myriad death threats made to his family amid hardships stemming from his 2016 bombshell on Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch continuing to the release of his 2019 book recounting the affair.

We also reported on his coworkers’ outrage over the obvious hitjob on the prominent journalist, who exhibited no signs of suicidal thoughts, depression, or anything of that nature at all ever. Furthermore, a employee at his workplace reported mingling with Sign among other staff the very night before his alleged suicide and spoke of him in high spirits, totally floored that he would kill himself after such a positive night. She said of the suicide: “It doesn’t feel real.” Perhaps that is because it is not.

These sentiments were elucidated by a YouTube commenter on the previously-mentioned 2019 Fox News interview. The comment read: “Just to clarify: this guy is not suicidal. He has no intentions of killing himself. Should he wind up dead in the next little while, it is absolutely foul play.” The observation became the top comment on the video with over 600 likes. The commenter does not appear to have foreknowledge of the event, but simply recognized as did hundreds of other Americans who watched the interview that Sign appeared totally happy in his personal life and very driven in his career. The inescapable Clinton Bodycount undoubtedly also weighed on viewers’ minds.

The video was promptly taken down after Sign’s untimely and suspicious death. The full interview, along with all comments, is no longer accessible on YouTube. Google destroyed the evidence and squelched all discussion of the criminal event.

Searching YouTube for the now-chilling video yields zero relevant results. Executing a YouTube search for “christopher sign fox news interview” comes up mostly with videos from the Fox News channel of various interviews with President Trump, and also Tucker Carlson’s interview with the president of El Salvador. Nothing on Christopher Sign.

Initiating a more specific search with related keywords like “christopher sign fox and friends 2019” still produces no videos of Sign at all, nevermind his interview promoting his book. The webpage for this search is populated with clips from late night comedy shows bashing the president and other videos about Trump administration officials.

This is now confirmed to be a coordinated attempt by all media conglomerates in the United States to suppress all new information that might escape into the mainstream linking the Clintons to Sign’s death and to destroy all previous evidence related to the event to keep the public from questioning the official narrative given by the investigators: that the death was simply a “suicide.”

Move along. Nothing to see here, folks.

REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing and nationally-significant news story for further developments. We will keep our readers updated with up-to-the-minute updates concerning the matter posted directly to redpilled.ca.

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