EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL UPDATE: Urban Dictionary ARTIFICIALLY MANIPULATES DATA to Promote Blasphemous ‘Bible’ Definition Sitewide on Christmas Eve, Viciously Targeting Innocent Christians on Sacred Day


From our original article:

Urban Dictionary has an ongoing daily series called “Word of the Day” which features a purportedly popular word or phrase on the front page and throughout the dictionary section of the website accompanied with a ‘definition’. A committedly leftist website, since the November 3rd presidential election, Urban Dictionary has been publishing WOTDs intended to harass and oppress Trump supporters. Below is just a few of the vile so-called definitions endorsed by the site targeting conservative voters:

Now, on Christmas Eve, Urban Dictionary puts Christians in the crosshairs. On the homepage of urbandictionary.com, a disgusting smear of Christians is highlighted as the “Dec 24 word of the Day”. The word that is defined is “Bible.”

According to Urban Dictionary, the Bible is “An extremely over-rated fictional book used by fascists to oppress gay people.”

Here is an archive of the page in case they try to lie about this incident in the future: https://archive.is/fmTWV

The website goes on to claim the Bible calls for blacks and gays to be killed, and therefore implies those who live by its words are irredeemable bigots.

But it gets worse.

Not only is this blasphemous filth featured on the front page of one of the most popular websites in the world, it is featured on every single dictionary page throughout the entire website.

The so-called definition for the word of the day appears underneath every definition on the website. For example, searching for the popular internet slang term “lol” yields the following result:

Here is an archive of the page for when they try to deny the incident later: https://archive.is/hyfc8

It wasn’t always like this, though. An archive from the same page on Urban Dictionary for the term “lol” from 2013 only shows relevant community definitions for the word, with no editorializing from the ardent leftists at the company.

This proves that as the website increased in popularity, so too did their attacks on traditionalists and the faithful. According to Alexa Internet Rankings, Urban Dictionary is in the top 1000 websites worldwide in terms of engagement, yet is it allowed to abuse its platform to openly persecute and discriminate against Christians in the most vicious way on one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar without any pushback whatsoever from the media or politicians, let alone law enforcement.

Christians are slowly but surely becoming a targeted minority group in America, without any special social protections other groups get, and without even the basic codifications in federal law and the Constitution granted to all other religious groups.

We must push back forcefully against such deliberate, hostile attacks on our Lord Jesus Christ during this Christmas Season, for if they are able to commit such public blasphemy and discrimination at this sacred time, they will most certainly continue doing so for years to come.



Urban Dictionary web developers used the 14th-ranked definition for “Bible” to display across all pages of the website under every definition on the website!

The ‘top definitions’ for ‘Bible’ on Urban Dictionary are community submissions from good Christians, characterizing the holy book as:

1) The Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures of Judaism (Old Testament) and Greek scriptures of Christianity (New Testament). 2) The holy scriptures of a particular religion, i.e. the Qur’an in Islam. 3) A work of great authority in an area of study.

1a: The holy book of the Christian religion.
1b: The sacred book of Judaism.
2: A very inspiring book in any particular field.

The horrible Christ haters at Urban Dictionary hate that there are still good, God-fearing Christians in America, so they scrolled down to the bottom of the second page of results for ‘Bible’ to feature the most disgusting and hateful blasphemous rhetoric possible on all pages of their site.

The community on Urban Dictionary vehemently opposes this sick characterization of ‘Bible’, showing their distain for it by the 752 dislikes on the entry — double that of the amount of likes garnered on the post — and its algorithmic irrelevance evidenced by its placement as the 14th most applicable definition for the word. The vile creatures of Urban Dictionary chose to highlight such rhetoric sitewide, in direct opposition to the will of their website visitors and anonymous contributors.

REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this shocking developing story and its implications for the normal working people of America. Check back periodically for updates. This story is far from over.


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. The public deserves to know the wicked crimes being perpetrated on them and who’s behind it.


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