EXCLUSIVE EXPOSÉ: Pete Davidson Tells SNL Audience He Wants Staten Island Residents to STARVE AND DIE Because They Voted for Trump — Says Lockdown Protests are Another Holocaust! (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Like all SNL comedians, poorly concealed behind an unfunny comedic pretense, Pete Davidson wishes death on all Trump supporters.

The cosmopolitan creature emerged from his basement for his only weekly outing to the SNL studios in New York City sporting a dirty old sweatshirt over a rainbow colored t-shirt with massive dark bags under his eyes. Like all pompous elites, he’s now desperate to inflict his own suffering on the hardworking public.

Immediately upon appearing onstage, the ultraliberal unleashed an unexpected assault on conservative families struggling to put food on the table for their kids during the pandemic. He mocked them as “babies.” I don’t have to explain what they do to babies in New York City. To the coastal elite, this is the ultimate insult.

After admitting what we all knew — that he was against the people of New York exercising their besieged first amendment right of free speech to advocate for their annulled first amendment right to worship — he deflected the host’s question on his opinion about lockdowns by saying at least Little League was still open. Really? It’s below freezing across New York City, and a powerful blizzard that cut power in hundreds of thousands of homes raging through New England just narrowly missed the island of New York. Pete Davidson is a bad liar.

Pete Davidson is also bad at hiding his disdain for conservatives and Christians — the backbone of our country. He has a long history of publicly crapping on everything that good people hold dear. Nothing is spared. Not even religion. Possibly his most infamous attack on the faithful, of course endorsed by SNL, was his claim that Catholics in America are no better than repeat child rapist R. Kelly. He sees “no difference” between the two. Except that R. Kelly has better music, he says. The transcript is too repugnant to reprint.

Now, this weekend, Davidson attempted to leverage his Jewish ancestry to defame all Trump supporters as Holocaust deniers. Advocating against coronavirus lockdowns causes another Holocaust, per Davidson.

To top it all off, he concurred with the host’s order for everyone in New York “to stay home until the pandemic is over.” The wording here is key: The CDC has control over what is considered a “pandemic” nationally. Pete wants us all to bow to Fauci and Redfield and all the other Deep State spooks. We Americans must remain locked inside their homes until the government allows us out. Staten Island Republicans aren’t allowed to run their own businesses or provide for their family. Pete Davidson wants conservative voters miserable, poor and dying.

He simultaneously wants your daughter using a “Pete Davidson Vibrator.”

It’s not a gag. It’s real. It’s displayed on live TV across the country. It’s aggressively promoted to children on YouTube.

But it gets deeper, and more personal:

The man has been on a public crusade against the people of his hometown for years. More specifically, ever since November 8th, 2016. Staten Island is the only borough in all of New York City that votes GOP, and does so consistently.

Moreover, SI Republicans massively broke for Trump in the 2016 primaries when registered GOP voters in every other borough were largely split between Cruz and Kasich. Solidifying this pattern, statistics show Staten Island Republican primary voters cast the most votes for Trump out of all boroughs (21,521) despite being the least populous of the five, and were virtually tied for lowest blank/void ballots cast. In the 2020 presidential election, “the red corner of New York” incredulously increased its support for President Trump by at least a full 33%.

Staten Island is Trump country.

Perhaps then it’s no surprise that Pete Davidson has such derision for those who still live there — the ones who didn’t get handed a permanent slot on the longest running TV show in history at age 20. Davidson has without question been the single loudest and most obnoxious opponent of President Trump of the entire SNL cast. For five years straight.

But there’s one more layer to this story:

In a late October 2016 interview with entertainment website Uproxx, Pete Davidson gave an eye-opening, totally off-topic and purely evil response to a standard interview question. The interviewer asked “You’re from Staten Island. You’re pretty close to home at SNL. How much did getting on the show change your daily life?” His complete response was:

F*ck them. They all suck. They have nothing to do with me or my success. It’s a terrible borough, filled with terrible people. A f*cking tidal Wave could take out Staten Island and I wouldn’t even move in my sleep. In fact I would sleep better. F*ck Staten Island. A bunch of Trump-supporting f*cking jerk offs. F*ck them. End quote.

—Pete Davidson, Uproxx Interview, October 24, 2016

I’d venture to guess: not very much at all. And Pete Davidson never will change.

He openly endorses shutting down conservative Christian businesses and cracking down on action protesting such;

He arrogantly orders starving American families to remain inside forever while collecting a guaranteed TV salary;

He shamelessly shills his disgusting sex product to millions of impressionable minors across the country who watch SNL;

He viciously smears all who dare to stand up for themselves and their children as Holocaust deniers and rapist-equivalents;

And per his own admission, his dream is for the 500,000 Trump supporting New Yorkers from his home borough of Staten Island to be wiped off the face of the Earth in a bloody natural disaster: punishment for their sin of fighting to preserve their great American nation for their children and grandchildren.

It’s plainly evident that Pete Davidson wishes that traditional America would quite literally wither away and die. And not without a lot of suffering.


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  2. What an asshat that P.D. is. Never heard of him till this piece. Well, he will have his judgment day before God eventually, as will all of us.

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