EXCLUSIVE: Journalists, Reporters and Police STAND AND WATCH as Helpless Elderly Trump Supporters Get BEATEN TO A BLOODY PULP by Armed Antifa Militants for Being Christian (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

“Jesus Christ is coming back,” was an elderly Trump supporter’s last words before being sucker punched by a black-clad, masked Antifa militant in the moonlit streets of the nation’s capital. Antifa called a hit on him for the crime of proclaiming that Jesus Christ is his Savior in public.

At least three DC news reporters watched the entire unprovoked attack unfold from start to finish without lifting a finger. They watched the masked terrorist approach the Christian couple and instead of warning them of the imminent strike, they got their flashes ready. These people are truly the enemy of the people.

Simultaneous to this event, untold numbers of identical cold-blooded assaults on unsuspecting patriots were unfolding across the DC metro. Most of them have already been scrubbed from the Internet.

One lone videographer was surrounded by an Antifa mob, blinded by a high-powered industrial light beam, had his iPad smashed and stolen from him, then was physically restrained with his hands tied behind his back by an enormous masked Antifa militant. They wouldn’t release him until he let them mask him. DC is officially under total mob rule by domestic terrorists.

In light of this widespread epidemic of brutal and often fatal attacks on Trump supporters, Gateway Pundit is reporting that the DC police have been given a stand down order, courtesy of radical Black Lives Matter activist mayor Muriel Bowser. She gave Antifa the go ahead on Trump supporters in the area.

Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters mobilized to the DC swamp this weekend to rally and show support for the president in the face of massive nationwide election fraud in an event dubbed “Stop the Steal”.

Mayor Bowser hates the monthly pilgrimage of Trump supporters to Washington, D.C. in support of President Trump, and it’s clear she’ll do anything to stop it — even weaponizing law enforcement to inflict savage bodily harm to her political opponents.


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