EXPOSED ON LIVE TV: Senator John Kennedy Proves the Biden Administration is BRIBING PEOPLE WITH CASH to Forge Census Surveys! (VIDEO)

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) yesterday in a public hearing confronted Labor Secretary Marty Walsh about the Biden administration’s policy of bribing Americans to forge census surveys.

Below is a transcript of the initial interaction.

Kennedy: Does your agency conduct surveys?

Walsh: As far as… employee surveys?

K: Any surveys.

W: [Chuckling] We do, yes.

K: Do you pay people?

W: Pay the people to do the surveys?

K: No. To take the survey.

W: I actually don’t know the answer to that. I’ll get back — I don’t know, I don’t know the answer to that!

Walsh then began to exhibit many extremely suspicious bodily movements. The labor secretary looked visibly flabbergasted when presented with the question, and then fully turned his back to the cameras capturing on live TV his every movement before quickly touching his nose and lip.

This guy is a stone cold liar.

Sen. Kennedy came prepared for the slimy swamp creature to lie straight to the faces of the American people. He brought cold hard evidence of the Biden administration’s nationwide criminal bribery operation. He then exposed them on live TV.

Kennedy produced a letter from one of his Louisiana constituents with a $5 bill attached to the census document within the envelope — but there was absolutely no mention of the money anywhere inside. He then relayed concerns many others have expressed on social media about receiving gift cards with the census surveys worth as much as $40.

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Kennedy: One of my constituents got this in the mail — I know it’s not under your jurisdiction — from the Census Bureau, and they ask him to fill out a form on children’s health, and he opened it up, and look what fell out: a five dollar bill! And there’s no reference in the letter to the five dollars in cash he got from the federal government. What’s this all about?

Walsh: I have no idea. I’ll — I… I will help you find out. I didn’t get one of those letters!

K: Well I filled out my census survey; I want five bucks! And I also understand the Biden administration is also sending people $40 gift cards!

W: I doubt that’s from the Biden administration but I’ll look into it.

The spook continually fidgeted and readjusted his lapel pin while Kennedy exposed him. Nervous laughter and stammering nonsense was all he could muster in response.

Watch the deeply revealing video capturing the awkward event:

This is the face of a guilty man.

What is the Biden administration hiding from us? We the people have an absolute right to know.



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