FBI Quietly Releases 284-page Report on Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt Father Exposing Her Brother as a Repeat Child Rapist WHILE THE MEDIA WAS BUSY COVERING THE US CAPITOL PROTEST Wednesday Night! (Nancy Pelosi’s Name is Redacted From All Crimes)

The tech gods at Google silenced this post.

Here is an archived version of the page.

This is Biden’s America.


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12 thoughts on “FBI Quietly Releases 284-page Report on Nancy Pelosi’s Corrupt Father Exposing Her Brother as a Repeat Child Rapist WHILE THE MEDIA WAS BUSY COVERING THE US CAPITOL PROTEST Wednesday Night! (Nancy Pelosi’s Name is Redacted From All Crimes)

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  2. Lets see how many really famous people were involved with a killing really. Many. Not one was ever publicly talked about. I had a family in the Mob so does that make me a Mobster? If you have a son that is bad or a father that is bad – what does that make you. What if your father was a rapist? What if you mother was a hooker? Just what if ? Are you your brothers keeper? But even in the White house they had stuff animals tRUMPS son is a great endangered species hunter it is what tRUMP did taking away protection from just about every creature on the planet inside the US. While he destroyed everything that protected much of the thing on land like parks and even caves. Is that not EVIL ? A person is not their fathers keeper. Come to think of it how did most people make most of their money? Many poor people had to lose theirs. Boxers are allowed to beat people up to make millions of dollars. Football players get paid millions of dollars for playing with balls while they spend their whole time pushing people around.
    Then again I would think anyone that drinks and drive are evil. Anyone that does hard drugs are sick. But do people judge them -? NO because they are still allowed to do it. Then again the worst crime of all – rape and incest, how many men made a woman – or girl have sex. I would say at-lest 75% making them the most evil sick perverted people on the planet. Then ask any Psychologist just about every man thinks about having sex with their daughter at least once in their life – making them very evil. Look at every picture of tRUMP where his hands are with his daughter at every age. Biden only likes to touch their hair on their head.
    We are only responsible for our own actions. Well lets go further how many people inside the US Great Grandfathers killed Native people? Or what ever country they came from – who did their grandfathers kill? Man has always been killers since the beginning of time. Well my own truth is from the end of Atlantis. No alien race that came here was good either. So where do you want to go for GOOD People – to the Pope now destroying his own religions with lies. Maybe you follow the new age people – thinking they are one with God or are God. That means they can do anything they want and it is ok.
    You want to debate the lies – please anytime . My show. Man has never been better then most animals. Even Dogs have more love and compassion then men. When man learned to kill to eat they learned to kill each other as well.

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