FLASHBACK: Alex Jones Accurately Predicts China’s Social Credit System DECADES Before It Was Implemented, Years Before It Was Even Developed or Invented (VIDEO)

Everything Alex Jones has warned us about for decades is now coming true.

In a recently unearthed radio show from 2005, Alex Jones accurately predicts the future implementation and execution of China’s now infamous Social Credit System which allows the government to control the population through coercion and soft totalitarianism.

The Chinese government’s Social Credit System was implemented fully in 2018. This tyrannical program that allows the Communist regime to attribute a value score to its citizens was first proposed in the late 2000s, entering initial trials reportedly in 2009.

Alex Jones was informing his listeners about the program in 2005, one and a half decades before it was implemented, and years before any Chinese social planner ever even envisioned such a project.

Jones explained at the beginning of the clip how travel would be restricted to the general population when such a system is in place, and only those with a favorable rating issued by the government would be allowed the privilege of free movement and travel.

“I don’t have bad credit I’ve got green rating! They walk right through at the hotels, airports and train stations.”

CBC recently reported on the travel situation in China in 2019 stating:

The National Public Credit Information Center revealed in its annual report that people with low scores had been blocked from buying airline tickets 17.5 million times in 2018, according to the Associated Press.

China has a population of 1.4 billion. In 2018 alone, 17.5 million people were denied travel due to low scores. At least 1% of the population of China was denied access to travel through the totalitarian SCS system. And those are the Chinese government’s self-reported figures.

At the 0:30 mark in the video, Jones details how when the program is implemented, the population will be punished for how they choose to spend their money:

“Honey, I just got a letter — I’m yellow rating! You didn’t pay that bill on time!”

Jones further plays out a hypothetical scenario in which the man is forced to bribe a corrupt government official to upgrade his social credit score.

Such a scenario is no longer just hypothetical:

The explosive segment ends with the fateful prediction:

It could be a year — it could be 10 years, it could be 20 years — you’re going to be living this! And I want you to remember it!

Alex Jones foresaw and warned us about exactly what we’re living through now and will be living under in the future if we don’t change the course of our country. We must heed his wise advice and take his thoughts and prognostications seriously and with caution.

All Infowars content is now livestreamed and subsequently uploaded at the URLs infowars.com and banned.video following Jones’s simultaneous banishment from all social media platforms in August 2018.

God bless Alex Jones, and God watch over our great republic.


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