Foo Fighters Forcibly Inject Fans With Coronavirus Vaccine, Promptly Cancel Concert due to Coronavirus Outbreak (VIDEO)

American rock band Foo Fighters have recently begun playing live concerts again as coronavirus cases and deaths have dramatically dropped all around the country.

But the liberal band members took leftist activism to a whole new level when they arrogantly demanded that every single one of their fans must be forcibly vaccinated, even against their will, if they are to be let in to watch the Foo Fighters play.

According to a local CBS report, fans were required to line up for hours in the scorching hot sun and flash their vaccine passport to gain entry.

From CBS LA:

The tickets for the show were sold only in person over the weekend to people 21 and older, but this is the big one: you had to show proof of a vaccination.

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The leftists ended up with egg on their face when just weeks later they were forced to cancel their long-awaited return concert after suffering a major outbreak of the virus within their own band.

From CBS LA:

Breaking news at this hour: the Foo Fighters have postponed their upcoming concert on Saturday at the Forum because the band says there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the Foo Fighters organization.

Who put them up to this? Were they paid by the state of California to commit such a heinous act of public cowardice?

God is righteous and just.



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2 thoughts on “Foo Fighters Forcibly Inject Fans With Coronavirus Vaccine, Promptly Cancel Concert due to Coronavirus Outbreak (VIDEO)

  1. Used to like the Foo Fighters. Will never buy any of their albums, or listen to them again.

  2. A member of his ‘fully vaxed’ team has tested positive. Tour cancelled. Karma….it’s a beatch.

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