French Officer Discusses National Identity, Civil War

(Republished from Breizh-Info; Commentary from /pol/)

A high-ranking paratrooper officer answered questions on a Telegram thread regarding the concerns recently expressed by retired generals, the civil war brewing in France and the fight to preserve our national identity. This fight is shared with most of western civilization. Qanon is also mentioned.

He also explains how he and his officer comrades formed a group after the 2016 terror attacks to debate and imagine how this civil war would go. In their most plausible scenario, the first phase is nationwide “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” sparked by racial tensions and anti-police sentiment after an incident gets relayed on social media. The political Left fans the flames using all the means at their disposition. Basically 2020 USA (it’s interesting to note that they came up with this scenario in late 2018).

Phase two is where “peace” returns after a few weeks due to international pressure. Three political sides still stand: a “Left Bloc” of racial minorities who want to destroy the old system and threaten to resume violence if things don’t go their way; a “Center Bloc” who is totally submitted, wants to double down on “vivre ensemble” (living together), their line is basically “Build Back Better”; a “Right Bloc” of radical frenchies who don’t want to give away anything to the Left and try to organize themselves into self-defense groups to weigh on the situation.

The group of officers couldn’t settle on the events of phase three. Some believe the Right will lose its influence and the situation will settle without major conflict; the pure-blooded French submit and become a community like any other. Some believe the Right will get enough power to decide unilaterally of its own fate, i.e. they create a parallel state that can function on its own. Some believe the situation will simply devolve in open war where the military gets involved. How it ends depends on the Center Bloc that represents the State and has international support, and the side they choose.


From the article:

Q: Do the generals who signed this letter have any influence over the population or military?

A: They don’t. […] This letter was a call for action directed towards politicians. It was also a wake up call to the French people. […] Everyone attacks these generals because of their message or, on the contrary, hopes that the military will do something while they stay passive. Both positions are stupid.
[…] Many of your American readers make references to Qanon. From my understanding, it’s a movement of conspiracists who believe that their country is led by a positive, hidden elite who fights an evil international elite behind the scenes. Whether this is true or false, I believe that every theory that encourages passivity is nefarious. I say this for the French and for the people of most countries: there is no group that wages battles in the shadows to defend your interests; no conspiring generals, billionaires or politicians to change things for the people. There is no such thing.
If generals say “stay at home, we got things under control, we’re taking care of everything, the country will soon be free”, they are lying. Do the opposite of what they ask: act, don’t be passive. Freedom is necessarily active, passiveness is slavery. The passive man always submits to the will of those who act.

Q: In your eyes, is the Great Replacement a reality?

A: Evidently so, no matter how you name it. A French couple that gives birth to a child in 2021 must be aware that they will grow up in a country where they will be the minority, where racial tension are and will continue to grow. I’m not saying “the kid will be a minority tomorrow”, I say “our kids are condemned to be a minority in their own country, already today”.
The military are lucky to get home and take off their uniform, they can live a normal life. Our kids won’t be so lucky, they will wear their uniform their whole life: their white skin is their uniform in this atrocious war waged against them, a war that will intensify in the coming years.
[…] In the end, whether consciously or not, everyone positions themselves around this subject. The Left thinks that 400000 immigrants per year is not enough, that 40% of African births is not enough. The Right thinks that it’s a bit too much but if Mokhtar was named François, converted to LGBT atheism and got his national card, then our country would be better off. These debates are childish and hypocritical. But discussions will grow more tense and radical once the French get that it’s not just theoretical, that it’s about their life as individuals and as a people that is threatened.

Q: Do the French understand the gravity of the situation in their country? Can you give us your vision of France in 5-10-20 years?

A: They absolutely do not. I really think so. Some civilians have a very good understanding of what’s going on because they suffer everyday. But honestly, most of the French have no idea of what’s at stake. They don’t understand that their future is being negotiated by the elites. The Left wants to completely purge whiteness to satisfy their psychotic need of forgiveness and their hurt feelings of injustice. The Right wants to negotiate their capitulation: “yes, whites are a minority like any other so we should somewhat protect them, pretty please, thanks, bye”. For the two sides, France is no more and the pure-blooded French are remnants. One side wants to get rid of them and the other wants to put them in a museum.
[…] The French elites signed a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 2.0. This pact was a secret deal between the russians and Germans to divide Poland. The polish people continued to lead a normal live nonetheless, unaware that their destiny was sealed. This perfectly describes the situation in France. […] But the German troops had infinite more respect for the Polish they occupied, than the French elites have for their own country that they are betraying.
[…] In 2050, your grandchildren will be born in a France where 65% of all other kids are of African descent. We will get there eventually because you can’t fight demography, and tribal/racial instincts awakened by demographic strength are violent.
[…] The military says “sweat spares blood”, meaning that facing an obstacle ahead during training leads to minimal loss in a real fight. The French refused to fight the problem seriously, so things will get bloody.

Q: Do you think the generals are right when they say things will get worse, maybe to the point where war breaks out?

A: There will be a “war”, that much is certain. It’s logical. We can be moved by this but we can’t feign surprise. […] At first, the confrontation between the French and the immigrants was purely demographic (mathematical, passive). Over the years it’s become cultural, each population trying to assert their culture and/or religion. Today, they are duking it out in the political ring. This is the crucial, penultimate part. When politics will fail to solve the problem, we enter the military phase. I mean it, politics will fail. […] If one side wins, the other loses and vice versa. War will come naturally as the only means for the loser to claim their due.

Q: How much time do you think we have to act before war becomes unavoidable?

A: The temporal window was 1990-2000. It’s already passed. The truth nobody dares to claim is that we can’t treat the problem with politics or peacefully. […] The question is no more “how can we avoid division, civil war”, it’s now “when will it snap and how will we win”. This is a point of dissent with the generals: they believe we should avoid civil war. That’s not what I and many of my military comrades think. […] Trying to avoid civil war at all costs even though there is no pacific solution, that’s a de facto capitulation. […] If there was no civil war, it would mean the French have totally abandoned their ideals and decided to preserve peace, even if it means being enslaved. Freedom is non-negotiable, our genocide shouldn’t be “arranged/adapted”. The French have have an exclusive and legitimate right to the land of their ancestors, so long as they bear this certitude like a flame in their heart, they will be invincible.

Q: So you’re convinced that there will be a violent conflict in France.

A: […] I use the word “war” to make things simpler. But it won’t be a war in the traditional sense, with soldiers, tanks and helicopters on each side. It will be asymmetrical, informational. Which is not to say physical confrontation is excluded. […] In this kind of war, territorial control is necessary (pure-blooded French win that with overwhelming ease), but victory is obtained by mobilizing the population and international opinion to get legitimacy. Only then can you remove the pebble in your shoe, purge institutions and normalize a new regime with ties to other countries. This will be the main challenge. […] With hands untied, the military could “liberate” our country in ten days. Institutions would be purged in a month. Literally. One infantry company can manage a “sensible area”; fifteen marines can maneuver a container carrier; three judges can judge a thousand of traitors. We can easily go through with this great spring cleaning, even with regards to legality. Difficulty lies elsewhere. How far are the French willing to go for their survival and their children’s future? This question will divide the country and make the conflict last.

Q: Assuming a civil war does occur in France, when will it happen?

A: In our lifetime. I can’t see something of that magnitude happening before 2030. But if nothing happens by 2050, it’ll probably be already too late and our fight will be lost. This gives us 10 years to prepare for a window of 20 years.

Q: Any final word?

A: Don’t lose hope. It’s all just the beginning. […] Be proud of being French and be certain of your legitimacy on this land. This is your duty.
[…] We must answer the question asked since 1945 that we always refused to answer: “Do the people have the right to a nation that is exclusively at their service?”. The sad events of WWII gave us a negative answer. Today, we are urged to offer a positive answer. Whatever answer we get, this time, it’ll be definitive. […] Be happy, because you are the generation who will see a cycle end and another begin. Such things only happen once in History. Not only will it happen during your lifetime, you will also have a part to play. […] There is no greater honor for a man or woman than to defend their blood by defending their territory.



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