Gavin Newsom Caught Red-Handed Eating Inside at ANOTHER California Restaurant After Banning Indoor Dining For The Entire State

Gavin Newsom made headlines last November for dining maskless indoors at the highly exclusive posh French Laundry restaurant in Napa, CA while simultaneously forcing all restaurants in his state to close down and all residents to mask up.

Now, one month after lifting the restriction on outdoor dining, yet maintaining the restriction on all indoor dining statewide, Newsom has been caught yet again illegally dining indoors in violation of his own edicts.

Newsom visited a Fresno restaurant to stage a photo-op in relation to a recent business relief grant issued to certain California businesses as a consequence of the governor’s crippling coronavirus orders, but denied in a statement to Fox News that he ever dined inside while there.

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Images that leaked online of the event clearly show a fully-set table overflowing with food and drink, obviously to thank Newsom for his recognition of the establishment.

It was a luncheon with George Lopez.


Special guest @georgelopez today in Fresno!

♬ original sound – Gavin Newsom

It’s plainly evident that Newsom is abusing his power as California governor to take advantage of opportunities that he has savagely denied to his own law-abiding residents for nearly a year now.

As the movement to recall the corrupt governor gains strength, Newsom has adopted a more laissez-faire approach to containing the virus in a cowardly effort to save his political career.

Californians are able to download and sign the official petition to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom here.



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