HUGE BREAKING UPDATE: President Trump RETURNS TO DC After Two Day Top-Secret Exodus in National Military Command Center — THE FLIGHT CALLSIGN IS “NIGHT 1776” (RED ALERT! WE HAVE LIFT OFF! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!)

It’s happening!!!

First, some background on this rapidly developing situation:

Two days ago, REDPILLED Media exclusively broke the news story that President Trump secretly took a midnight flight on AF1 to the NMCC in Texas.

We received multiple reports that President Trump has just escaped to the National Defense Command Center in the heart of Texas with Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller.

The_Donald users suspected that the president had escaped Washington on AirForce One on a surprise redeye to Texas from online tracking of the aircraft.

/pol/ users further tracked the presidential jet through the course of its voyage across the country to the executive base in Texas.

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Minutes ago, Lin Wood confirmed on Parler these breaking revelations. He released the following statement:

TRENDING: Capital Cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was The SAME OFFICER THAT LET STEVE SCALISE GET SHOT in 2017! (He Has A Long, Bloody History…)

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These shocking new developments exclusively reported by REDPILLED Media prove that the military remains 100% behind President Trump, and hype from the media of Trump’s removal by coup or by the 25th Amendment are pure propaganda designed to harm our rightful president — Donald J. Trump.

It’s clear that Trump is putting together something huge, since VP Mike Pence let down the American people by allowing fraudulent votes to be certified by the joint session of Congress.

Then this happened:

Twitter banned Lin Wood for telling the truth about what’s going on.

This comes mere hours after President Trump was suspended by Twitter and locked out until he deletes a bunch of tweets that Twitter doesn’t like!

They even threatened to ban him forever if he doesn’t watch his mouth. And they’re taking away his @POTUS and @Whitehouse accounts on January 20th.

They are taking away all of his ways to communicate with us. President Trump must be up to something epic at the federal military base in Texas right now.

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Now this…

President Trump just took off in Air Force One after a two day top-secret exile at the National Military Command Center in the heart of Texas!

The codename for the flight is “NIGHT76” — perhaps a reference to an evening in the near future in which President Trump plans to reignite the flame of 1776.

We have confirmation of lift off from sources on the ground.

The president is headed back to the Whitehouse. This development is highly significant as President Trump has not appeared in video or in photographs for days — ever since the occupation of the US Capitol on Wednesday by patriotic Trump loyalists.

This is going to be a wild ride.


REDPILLED Media will continue to follow this developing story and publish exclusive updates reflecting our research on the event. Check back often for vital information that the media is suppressing about this unbelievable event. This is far from over.

Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. We don’t have much time left.


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7 thoughts on “HUGE BREAKING UPDATE: President Trump RETURNS TO DC After Two Day Top-Secret Exodus in National Military Command Center — THE FLIGHT CALLSIGN IS “NIGHT 1776” (RED ALERT! WE HAVE LIFT OFF! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!)

  1. your raising peoples hopes with wild dreams. The reality is, they have succeeded in their coop. We got nothing unless we stand and fight!

  2. I will just note that I do not know anything about anything, so my opinion is merely “opinion”. That said, I’ll add this —
    Different opinions do not prevail until time proves the truth.
    As far as “hopes with wild dreams” is concerned, I might infer that self-confessing slaves are the only ones who do not aspire to dream about a just and moral human world. The fact is that such dreamers prefer peaceful, non-violent, open-minded tactics. To impersonate good Americans while implanting a meme of violence attached to Constitutional-minded patriots, could appear to me to be a psy-op missile intended to cast the shadow of violence onto the peaceful middle-class
    Time to stand and fight? Indeed, but in this MindWar of meme-flinging propaganda and deliberate mass-scale fraud, perhaps the fighting is best done by using our minds. In our minds, individually, we can bask in the light of realization and direct vision of reality. Seeing that clearly inherently results in right action, and right action is based on Love’s thought system, not Fear’s thought system. It is in myself that I find the strength and power to claim full ownership of my life, and knowing that reveals to me that “self-ownership is the opposite of slavery”.Right action always follows any Soul’s admission of that. Do modern governments expect and exact obedience to one degree or another, and do not some governments at times turn tyrannical to the point of using psy-ops via media bias and published memes to interdict anyone’s ability to realize full self-ownership and becoming thereby sovereign Souls with “unalienable rights” which were provided naturally at birth by an inner authority which is superior to any man-made government and cannot duplicate it, cannot create it?
    Elias Alias
    PS: my four websites have been hacked and disabled; MailChimp has denied me their service after six years of sending email blasts for The Mental Militia; YouTube has deleted some of my videos from their platform. I take all that as my excuse to sit down and shut up, right? 😉

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