IMMIGRATION EMERGENCY: Enormous 100,000 Migrant-Strong Caravan Conveniently Forms the Same Day Joe Biden Announces His First Act as President Will Be to Give Amnesty to Every Illegal Alien in the US (VIDEO)

It’s happening again.

A conveniently spontaneous and totally-not-preplanned Central American caravan is rapidly billowing toward the US-Mexico border just in time for Biden’s inauguration.

Untold tens of thousands of Hondurans and Guatemalans are breaking through national borders to collect many more thousands of Mexicans in their quest of overwhelming US border patrol agents and illegally scattering into the country on January 20th, never to be found again.

Or perhaps, not until it’s time to vote.

Joe Biden has just announced, in the face of this massive incoming caravan of up to 100,000 people, that he plans to legalize AND give citizenship to every last illegal alien currently residing in the United States.

How convenient.

The media has been gaslighting the public for decades into believing that the total illegal immigrant population residing in the US is an inflexible value of 11 million people. In reality, recent studies have shown that the figure is more likely upwards of 20 million.

Regardless, these are only the immigrants we know of; Surely tens of millions more lurk in the shadows, raising the real figure as high as 40 or 50 million. This figure does not come close to describing the true extent of the problem, which also includes the children of illegals, who through technically being citizens, leach off of the public dole through schooling and social programs in progressive states.

All in all, the problem of illegal immigration therefore encompasses between 50 million and 100 million people, considering the illegals themselves, their children, and their relatives that get to come in through chain migration by virtue of the children receiving birthright citizenship.

Joe Biden and the Democrats see this as an opportunity to create a massive blue wave to wipe out Republican voters for good.

And if they are successful in their amnesty, it will most certainly mean the death of conservative politics in America.


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