IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: Alex Jones Discovers Unmarked Next-Gen 6G Radiation Device Producing Massive Toxic Chemtrails in Downtown DC (SHOCKING VIDEO)

Two days ago in Washington, DC, Alex Jones and the Infowars crew were walking through the scum infested streets with a group of Trump supporters. For one week, the real American people took back the nation’s capital.

Alex stumbled upon a very strange technological device currently under construction at the end of one of the city’s parks.

The federal government was even openly shipping in more computer systems to add to the contraption at that very moment!

The suspicious device was completely unlabeled with no signs around its perimeter or even any identifiers on the computer itself. Furthermore, on each end of the alien device there were two massive cell towers likely emitting radiation.

Though the biggest giveaway of all was the miles-long chemtrail high in the sky directly above the two cell towers.

That’s some serious 5G. Alex even suspected it could be 6G.

We can’t know for sure because the Washington swamp creatures, likely illegally, left the entire contraption unmarked lest the population grows suspicious of what their tax dollars are funding.

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This is seriously creepy.

Watch the full video below courtesy of the Infowars streaming service Banned.Video:

Washington DC is a satanic occupied hellhole.


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