IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS: Nevada Requires Students to Take Mandatory Anti-White Class Persecuting the Local White Minority and Forcing Students to Label Classmates “Oppressed” or “Oppressors”, Says Family and Religion are Racist — The Teacher is a 22-Year-Old Bisexual Mental Case! (VIDEO)

The Hispanics have taken over Nevada, and they’re not as inclined to grant the local persecuted white minority the same rights that federal laws has been amended over the last 150 years to grant to nonwhites.

In Nevada, students are now being required to take rabidly anti-white “sociology” classes designed to punish innocent white children for perceived ancestral wrongdoings.

Here is some of the most shockingly disgusting course material that the young and impressionable children of Nevada are being indoctrinated with:

Blacks actively demonstrating their prejudice against whites is not racist and is justified.

Their verbatim justification for such a sick premise is that “Gangs of white people will come crashing down on those who were prejudice[sic] against white people. The reverse is not the same.” I guess we’re just going to forget about the first 8 months of this year.

Jailing black criminals is institutionalized racism.

Of course this omits the well-known though rarely-admitted fact that blacks commit exorbitantly more crimes than whites, and also frequently commit additional crimes at time of arrest such as assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, disobeying lawful commands, among others.

The twisted teachers even show an incarceration graph but do not relay it in any way to crime. (Hint: the two graphs are identical)

You must label yourself as “oppressed” or as “privileged” (oppressor)

‘Are you surprised about the amount of oppression attached to your identity?’

Christians are the ultimate oppressors.

Family and religion are racist and homophobic institutions.

Vote. Even if you’re a kid.

And the class is taught by a 22-year-old “bisexual” woman with admitted mental disabilities.

She refers to them as “my wonderful social justice warriors.”

The sick pervert even forces the young children to confess to her their sexual orientation.

The entire course is an explicit attack on solely white children by a collection of nonwhite groups currently wielding the power of the majority to bludgeon the helpless local white minority in the state of Nevada, which of 2010 is less than 40% white. We can safely infer that now, 10 years later, whites are far less than even 40% of the population due to differential birthrates, Hispanic immigration from Mexico, and Hispanic movement from neighboring California — not even accounting for the impossibility of accurately accounting for illegal aliens.

Fox & Friends ran a segment on it this morning. One of the kids’ mothers is suing the school for racial discrimination.


She’s black but she just can’t stand it anymore. Her son is a quarter black and he’s labelled an oppressor.

President Trump heroically and uniquely led the fight against critical race theory programs being implemented in federal agencies through an executive order in effect stamping out the pernicious practice at the federal level. We must now fight to eradicate the sick and hate-filled ideology from all sectors of education. It starts in the colleges and now it’s in our schools.

Below is all the currently available pieces of the toxic Nevada sociology curriculum dedicated to torturing innocent white children with evil lies about their families and themselves, courtesy of Quillette writer Colin Wright. (Click to enlarge.)


Please share this news report with the general public before it’s too late and we can’t communicate without having our message content be approved by the federal government. The public deserves to know the wicked crimes being perpetrated on them and who’s behind it.


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