“IT’S FLAT OUT CRIMINAL FRAUD!” Tucker Carlson Releases Video, Photographical, Statistical, and Audit Evidence Confirming MASSIVE Coordinated Election Fraud Operation in Fulton County, Georgia — Many Thousands of Trump Votes Were Wiped and Switched to Biden (FULL VIDEO)

“It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, last November.”

Ever since the November presidential election, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been very wary of covering the widespread and election-changing voter fraud in half a dozen swing states which tipped the election in favor of Joe Biden in the middle of the night, cementing his subsequent illegitimate claim to power.

In addition to a multibillion-dollar lawsuit brought against Fox News and its hosts by Smartmatic which resulted in the firing of Lou Dobbs and the organization’s leadership to blacklist coverage of the fraud, Tucker Carlson publicly revealed a private spat with Trump legal defense attorney Sidney Powell at the height of her kraken claims.

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It is therefore notable when Tucker Carlson engages on the subject, as he has begun to do more and more recently, against the direct orders of superiors at the media company. Last week, Carlson read in full a viral Twitter thread detailing the circumstances surrounding election fraud but not the fraud itself.

On his Wednesday night show, Carlson blew open the entire situation in Fulton County, Georgia, which encompasses Atlanta, where by far the most obvious and flagrant voter fraud of any county occurred in the 2020 election. The full video report is up on the Fox News website. The clip is noticeably missing from the Fox News YouTube channel as the correct and proven information contained in the report likely violate YouTube’s infamously stringent terms of service.

Carlson meticulously went through every credible claim of voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia, all of which have thus far conspicuously gone substantively unanswered by relevant personnel. The segment comes on the heels of a groundbreaking new report from Georgia election integrity group VoterGa which contained results from their independent audit of ballot evidence obtained from lawsuits against the state and which found “previous vote recounts had a 60 percent error.”

Carlson opened with evidence from the group’s investigation proving that ballots in the 2020 election in Fulton County were counted multiple times. Independent analysis concludes that there are instances of identical ballots were scanned more than once and therefore evidently manipulated the result of the statewide election which came down to 13,000 votes in the heavily-blue million-resident Fulton County.

Carlson then corraborates this claim with video evidence of a female election worker wearing a bright yellow top hastily sliding a huge stack of ballots into a counting machine, removes the ballots from the bottom of the scanner, and then repeats the cycle, in effect duplicating ballots for Joe Biden. This would explain the previously-mentioned identical ballots appearing various times throughout the vote tally.

The footage is well-known as the very same people in the very same room were exposed months ago for wheeling out suitcases full of ballots hidden under black tablecloths in the middle of the night after sending all poll watchers home. A question no one ever asks is why the woman in the yellow shirt duplicating ballots pulls out her phone in the middle of the operation and appears to be communicating with someone. Who was she texting? In any case, her full attention is not concentrated on the crucial task of diligently and without error administrating and ensuring quality control of the electronic counting of thousands of presidential election ballots.

Carlson noted that Fulton County stonewalled for many months following the election regarding releasing hundreds of thousands of tally sheets and only succumbed when VoterGa forced them to do so through a lengthy legal process. He concludes the findings are truly “stunning.”

VoterGa uncovered that untold thousands of ballots were wiped from Jorgensen and Trump and fed straight to Biden. This process occured in no less than seven separate batches of ballots counted in Fulton County.

Below is VoterGa’s conclusion from their exclusively obtained information and subsequent rigorous analysis.

“How is that not flat out criminal fraud? We’d love to know, because it sounds like flat out criminal fraud,” fumed Tucker Carlson.

Carlson then put on display three separate photographs sent to him directly by a whistleblower inside the Fulton County ballot counting process which show towering stacks of unfolded, pristine ballots all across the venue about to be scanned without any poll watchers present. These could not have been mail-in ballots because they could not have been folded up in envelopes. These could not have been filled out by humans at all since they all stood in perfect stacks, as if they were straight from a printer.

Hundreds of votes were even confirmed to be thrown out altogether with zero explanation. These are only the ones Fulton County chose to release to VoterGa.

Tucker Carlson saved the best for last:

“An elections expert called Mark Davis analyzed data from the post office. He found that nearly 35,000 Georgia voters moved out of their county of residence more than a month prior to Election Day. They were ineligible to vote. And yet they did. They still voted in their old county. That is illegal. It’s not a small thing; violating election law is something we should care about. And by law their votes should’ve been excluded from the total. But they were not excluded.

This bombshell new evidence along with confirmation of previous claims comes as states across the country from Arizona to Pennsylvania to Georgia begin formal election forensic audits of ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election. President Trump just released a statement concerning the new evidence out of Georgia pouring out at the same time that audits around the country are gaining steam.

The only question left to ask is: Why hasn’t the ballot harvester bus deployed right before the November election in Atlanta been investigated yet?

We must spread the word about this outright and flagrant rigging of the 2020 election. We have the evidence now. The public must be alerted to Joe Biden’s crimes against this country.

Tucker Carlson’s Wednesday night show can be watched in full below.



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  1. Inner city Democrat black mayors telling their black “volunteers” to add as many votes as it takes to make Trump lose. All across the country in every black democrat mayor city, it’s not even a question of would they do it or did they do it of course they did. There is little to no penalty and the worst that can happen is you get caught and then what you have lost nothing you have everything to gain and nothing to lose in this fraud. We all know blacks steal ALL THE TIME and have zero moral compass what makes you think they would not do this fraud in the middle of the night. Add onto that all the Jew support and rigged Dominion software, and the fact all these fraud participants feel justified like its the right thing to do… if you were black would you want Trump to win of course absolutely NOT, would you do anything to make him lose especially if very little to no risk to you in the middle of the night, fudge a few numbers is all? Of course you would

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