Jewish Guest on Tucker Carlson: American Elite is “Completely Decentralized, No Center to it, No Race or Class! THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY!” (VIDEO)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson last night aired a preview of a recently-taped interview with blogger Curtis Yarvin (otherwise known as Mencius Moldbug).

Yarvin bizarrely began the interview with extensive virtue signaling, claiming that “there is no conspiracy” among the elite power brokers in American politics.

The Jewish writer took the first 20 seconds of the interview to defend the ruling elite, attacking the century-old theory of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in particular. He seemed quite defensive about it.

Yarvin said:

The oligarchic power structure of America — which is completely decentralized; there is no center to it anywhere; there is no, like, “they”; there is no one you can point to; there is no race or class or little meeting of, like, Protocols of the Elders of Zion that’s happening; there is no conspiracy; it’s completely decentralized!

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It’s completely decentralized? There is no center to it? What do you call Washington, DC, then?

There is no class? There is no “they”? What do you call the multi-billionaire elite, which lavishly and deliberately fund political campaigns?

There is no one you can point to? Not even the top political donors in the United States (the top three of which are Jews: respectively Adelson, Bloomberg, and Steyer)?

What is Yarvin’s goal in so duplicitously and aggressively defending the ruling elite? Why is Yarvin trying to obfuscate the truth? And why is Tucker Carlson in full agreement?

We must get to the bottom of this.

Watch the extended preview from Fox News:

Watch the full interview before YouTube scrubs it:

Watch Yarvin’s passionate defense of American elites:

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