JOE BIDEN IS OFF HIS MEDS AGAIN!!! Biden Viciously Tears Into Uppity Blacks Who Dare to Disagree With Him on Zoom… Calls Them Stupid and Illiterate — Rages “TO HELL WITH Y’ALL!” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has a serious temper when he’s off his meds.

Illegitimately masquerading as president-elect, Joe Biden totally lost it on a recent Zoom call with a group of blacks trying to push him farther left.

Angry Joe chose to open his remarks with the warm and heartfelt greeting: “TO HELL WITH Y’ALL.”

He followed up these remarks by aggressively wagging his finger at what appears to be a black Republican woman like she was a house slave, and raising his tone of voice to a loud yell.

He then accused a southern black of not reading his proposal and basically called her a complete idiot. He was totally channeling Robert Byrd.

Joe Biden doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him anymore because he believes he is set to be inaugurated January 2021 thanks to the massive fraud orchestrated by the Democrats in the weeks following the November election.

He knows he won’t survive a second term, so he’s ripping the mask off and letting the people have it.

This was an unhinged and frankly dangerous attack on a group of innocent, politically active Americans, but if we know one thing that Joe Biden hates more than blacks, it’s whites.

Especially the Christian white working class in the interior of the nation. He’s publicly attacked steel workers on their weight, called them liars, and brutally humiliated a sweet young female student as a “dog-faced pony soldier” in front of a live audience.

Joe Biden is a sick man. He is clearly a demented psychopath with major additional mental health defects. We must stop this man from getting inaugurated at all costs — before he gains total power and is able to complete his goal of completely and irreparably destroying the nation.


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1 thought on “JOE BIDEN IS OFF HIS MEDS AGAIN!!! Biden Viciously Tears Into Uppity Blacks Who Dare to Disagree With Him on Zoom… Calls Them Stupid and Illiterate — Rages “TO HELL WITH Y’ALL!” (VIDEO)

  1. Joe Biden is unqualifiably a disgusting sub-human freak. He deserves to be in jail or a gulag, not riding high on the taxpayer’s dime. #BidenForPrison

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