JUICE COMES OUT AS TRUMP SUPPORTER! OJ Simpson Celebrated Christmas With a MAGA Hat and a Long Island Iced Tea

It’s confirmed. Add OJ Simpson to the list of celebrity Trump supporters.

OJ was snapped on Christmas Day in his home with a cocktail in his hand, in front of a mountain of presents, and — most importantly — beside his MAGA hat.

It’s already all over Twitter.


In the eyes of the media, this is his worst crime yet.

Over the past few years, famous celebrities have been forced to come out as Trump supporters very subtly, usually to test the waters. This event is reminiscent of how Tom Brady came out as a supporter of the president during the Republican primaries with a carefully positioned MAGA hat in his locker.

Kanye West pulled a similar stunt in 2018, leaving a music studio in Los Angeles with his Trump hat on. The media called him insane and bipolar for it.

Viva la black Trump supporter.



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