Larry Elder Announces Democrats Rigged the California Recall Election Just Like They Rigged the 2020 Presidential Election

All media outlets have called the California recall results in favor of Gavin Newsom, just hours after voting ended, and with more than 4 million (a full third) votes yet to be counted.

Larry Elder warned voters a few days before the election that the Democrats were planning to rig the election in favor of Newsom just like they did last year for Joe Biden.

Elder’s campaign has announced that they have detected largescale voter fraud and is launched a website where Californians can report and legally attest to their encounters with voter fraud in an effort to overturn the rigged election. This turn of events suggests upcoming lawsuits and challenges from the Elder campaign.

Elder has reason to believe the referendum was rigged, as there was not one single demographic category — not even white men — that voted in favor of recalling the corrupt and tyrannical current governor except for the curious and new racial category of “Other”.

TRENDING: Democrats Rigged the California Recall Election By Stealing Elderly Veterans’ and Republicans’ Votes Through Voting Machines — Voters Over 65 Are Not Included Polling Data (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

Does “Other” represent mixed-race individuals, American Indians, or Pacific Islanders, which have been left out of the listed racial categories? Is the unexplained category for illegals who showed up to vote, or Muslims who cover their faces? If so, why are these groups, which are historically Democratic Party loyalists, voting for a Republican to take over? Are we supposed to believe nonwhites are voting more conservatively than whites, men, or white men — all of whose “yes” voting percentages hover in the 40s?

At this hour, with only two thirds of the ballots counted, the “no” votes reportedly lead the “yes” votes by an unbelievable two times. This development is highly notable since months-long polling suggested that the race was incredibly close.

Conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root predicted two days ago that the California recall effort would be rigged by the Democrats. His column, republished at the Gateway Pundit, outlined the five technical ways the state of California politically disenfranchised Elder at every turn leading up to the referendum.

From The Gateway Pundit:

First, millions of illegal aliens are voting in California. When they get their drivers licenses at DMV, they are automatically registered to vote. By law, no one is allowed to ask if they are a citizen. No one can ask for valid ID. Millions of illegal alien voters tip the scale for failed socialist Democrats in California. It’s pretty simple- they vote for the party that won’t deport them and will keep welfare checks coming from cradle to grave.

Second, California has sent out tens of millions of mail-in ballots. Just like Biden-Trump in 2020, there is no way to know who’s who. There is no Voter ID. There is no chain of custody. There is no signature verification. There is nothing but millions of fake ballots, signed with fake names.

Just one of my fans has received 16 ballots at his California home. He lives there with only his wife and two kids. Sorry Larry, Democrats and their flood of fake ballots will never allow you to win this one.

Third, California allows anyone to print out ballots on their home computer. That’s pure insanity.

Fourth, California has ballot harvesting. Anyone can collect thousands of fake ballots, fill them out and hand them in. Democrats have perfected this art.

Lastly, the actual ballots were designed with a flaw. You must fold the ballot to mail it. Computers that scan the votes often auto-cancel the name checked on the fold. Guess who’s name is on the fold out of 46 candidates? Larry Elder. What a coincidence. What a shocker!

If you or anyone you know has evidence of voter fraud in the California recall election, go to and provide the Elder campaign with any and all related materials.

This massive voter fraud effort is far more elaborate than what occurred in 2020 and will doubtlessly serve as a roadmap for Democrat election rigging in the 2022 midterms. We must put a stop to this madness at once or lose our country forever.

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Democrats Rigged the California Recall Election By Stealing Elderly Veterans’ and Republicans’ Votes Through Voting Machines — Voters Over 65 Are Not Included Polling Data (VIDEO EVIDENCE)

CNN Gets Caught in REAL TIME Deleting 400,000 Votes for Larry Elder While the Votes for Gavin Newsom Remain the Exact Same (VIDEO EVIDENCE)



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