Libertarian Party Unveils Ludicrous New Platform Ahead of 2022 Midterms Including ‘Legalizing Child Labor’ and Anti-Racism Training for White People

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has revealed the direction it plans to take in 2022 and beyond with a string of downright evil tweets published over the last few days.

The LPNH has endorsed critical race theory with the assertion to its white supporters: “It is not enough to be passively not-racist, one must be actively pro-capitalism.” If a citizen disagrees with approved economic orthodoxy he’s a racist bigot.

They went on to publish one of their deepest held beliefs announcing as part of the Libertarian 2022 platform: “Legalize child labor,” continuing: “Children will learn more on a job site than in public school.”

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The Libertarian Party platform supports ripping children out of vital education and throwing them into a machine to be one of its many hundreds of cogs. Of course, the American education system has been concertedly destroyed by decades of Democrat efforts, though the solution is to either totally reform it or for states and counties to retake control from the federal government in conservative areas rather than to scrap the idea of youth education altogether.

Even Gary Johnson, who is widely seen by libertarians as absolutely unrepresentative of the ideology, condemned the sick proposal in the tweet’s replies.

Needless to say, the Libertarian Party taking radical positions on useless issues and taking no position on important issues will not fulfil the needs of its voters who are traditionalist, generational Americans.



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