LOU DOBBS ANNOUNCES RETURN TO CABLE NEWS: “Our Journey is Far From Over! We’ll See You Soon!” (VIDEO)

Exactly three months after the primetime staple Lou Dobbs Tonight was cancelled on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs himself released an energetic teaser on Twitter all but confirming an imminent return to cable news, proudly announcing: “Our journey together is far from over! We’ll see you soon!”

With a backdrop featuring his beloved farm in Sussex, New Jersey, where he has spent most of his days since February 6th, Dobbs spoke candidly to his supporters:

Hello everybody! We’re living in times of great controversy and sometimes great conflict, and millions of our fellow citizens are still in deep pain. Our hearts go out to them, and I want to take a moment, if I may, to say to you: thank you for your generous support, and your loyalty over these many years, and in particular, these last few months. And I want to assure you at the same time our journey together is far from over. We’ll see you soon! Thank you, and God bless America.

Further confirming suspicion and speculation on the subject are the links to news stories sent out on Dobbs’ Twitter feed: almost all of them linking to foxnews.com. The few articles tweeted out by Dobbs that do not link to the Fox News website all link to other Newscorp publications like The Wallstreet Journal and the New York Post.

At the very least, this signals that Dobbs retains interest in and keeps up to date with the goings-on in his previous place of work.

REDPILLED Media published a lengthy and in hindsight prescient column that fateful day of February 6th elucidating the very real possibility of the longtime cable news fixture’s return to Fox News, this time in a primetime slot. The well-researched and hard-hitting piece is more relevant now than ever, as the months-old analysis is given new life following Lou Dobbs’s bombshell announcement.

Consider a selection from February’s column to provide context for last week’s development.


From our previous reporting:

REDPILLED Media Weekly Column

Late last night, after the Fox Business channel aired its wildly popular staple ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’, the network abruptly cancelled the fan favorite in a blistering rebuke to their own audience of devoted Trump supporters without even letting Lou Dobbs say goodbye to his audience — a cable news tradition.

Instead of releasing an announcement concerning the decision, in an unforgivable display of cowardice and unprofessionalism, Fox Business kicked Dobbs off the air for his final show and leaked the story of his show’s cancellation to the LA Times, which printed the scoop immediately after the 7pm rerun of his program finished. The second such news hit the presses, every leftist media outlet in the country celebrated his suspension simultaneously. Lou Dobbs’s rock solid conservative commentary, unfailingly characteristic of keeping weak Republicans in line like a general marshaling his troops, is a major threat to their power in the age of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In the Friday article, the LA Times used the fact that Lou Dobbs remains under contract with Fox News, the parent company of Fox Business, to justify a prediction that Dobbs will be sidelined from all of cable news for the foreseeable future, though they later conceded that “he occasionally turn[s] up on the Fox News Channel as a commentator,” implying that his suspension from the anchor role does not inhibit his ability to appear elsewhere on FNC or FBN.

Fox News is in desperate need for a popular primetime opinion host to fill the network’s 7pm timeslot, currently publicly auditioning a slate of the channel’s semi-prominent personalities following last month’s demotion of ratings deflector and previous host of ‘The Story’, Martha MacCallum.

After renaming the hour Fox News Primetime and sifting through half a dozen thoroughly underwhelming characters, Fox is now presented with a one-time opportunity to replace perhaps the single worst-rated primetime anchor ever to appear on the network with a massively successful veteran news presenter who has been uniquely credited in the media with the recent ascension of Fox Business over every single other business channel in the country, towering well over once-dominant business-related cable news channels like CNBC and Bloomberg.

As previously alluded to, the political powerhouse Lou Dobbs Tonight appeared for years in the 7pm timeslot before network leadership began its first anchor purge, culminating in a chillingly analogous ouster of conservative firebrand Trish Regan, who has resorted to the O’Reilly route of independent podcasting. Ever since, Dobbs’s show has aired live at 5pm nightly, then rebroadcasted two hours later, where he retains a sizable audience.

The cable news pioneer, who joined CNN at its inception, and resigned as it became openly and aggressively hostile to conservatism, remains a fixture on both of Fox News’s highest rated shows, Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity, appearing as recently as last week to deliver his famously incisive commentary on economic and immigration-related issues. Dobbs’s universal popularity among Trump supporters has allowed him to punch way above his weight in terms of conducting numerous explosive interviews with highly sought-after guests, including two with President Trump.

The circumstances surrounding the cancellation of Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business, coupled with the relative silence in terms of official statements from the network on the decision as of yet, point to the increasingly apparently likely possibility that the network is considering the obvious solution to its immediate need for an experienced ratings beast in the primetime lineup on Fox News: shift the beloved conservative titan Lou Dobbs, and the legions of loyal viewers and recurring high profile guests with him, from 7pm on Fox Business to 7pm on Fox News.





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